Friday, June 29, 2007

Honeymoon @ Hawaii

My cousin getting marry next month. Currently he is busy preparing his wedding reception. After that he needs to look for ideal places for his honeymoon vacation. He plans to go Europe to see beautiful and gorgeous building like churches however his wife prefer sandy beaches like Hawaii and Maldives. Now he is in dilemma on which place to go, and he cannot go for both places due to budget constraints.

I try to suggest to him to go Hawaii first since he will has chance to go for business trip to Europe country from time to time. Perhaps he could tag his wife along during his business trip, and then can save one pax package since his package will be under company account. Later I show him some beautiful and sandy beaches photos as shown in Hawaiian Beach RentalsHawaiian Beach Rentals website, immediately he fall in love with the places. He only noticed the accommodation provided by Hawaiian Beach Rentals look luxury and comfortable. Other than that it also has large collection of Kauai vacation rentals that he can choose from for his Hawaiian vacation.

My cousin seem like Hawaiian very much, he quickly called his wife and agreed to go for this place for their honeymoon!