Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moving house again?

I hate moving house I tell you. So far, I only experience one time of moving house and it is a horror story too. The moving company broke my some of my kitchenware like porcelain cups and plates. I felt so heart pain when I saw the broken cups and plates coz those are my lovely collection.

Lately one of my friends told me that Service Network able to provide quick and easy moving company matching system. It has set up a network of moving companies that go through a strict application process to ensure a quality moving company. Majority of their movers in their network have to be licensed and insured.

Well, in case in future I need to move house to another state again, I shall look up the Long Distance Moving Companies from Service Network to help me do the moving. There are few testimonial being posted in the web, I bet their service should be ok.