Monday, June 18, 2007

Tag - 5 things I complained

Vivivava tag me, a very simple tag actually, about 5 things I would like to complaint! hahaha..which human no complaint in daily life, u tell me. I am sure I'hv more than 5! Let's start it!

Here there goes....

1. My boss give me too much paper work lately. The one make me beh song is, he likes to ask me type and send him the soft copy, which later he will send via email. Shit, just a simple letter, why can't he type out and send out directly?

2. Factory doing expansion now. Less parking lot for office staff, cause me have to walk long distance before enter office floor. Tired.

3. My MIL never praise anything things or food I bought so far. She always claim she is the best in any taste.

4. Dislike the way SIL#2 talking ( she stay in KL). Like to show off her capability in earning so much money in a month bla bla bla, also claim that no need study so high also can earn big buck de ! ...but i look down her coz she dunno what is blog all about! LOL

5. Whatever I do, MIL will come and ask: how, why, what....seem like I am so useless. Give me a break, i know what I am doing.