Monday, June 18, 2007

Colorful wedding rings

Frankly if you ask me prefer Colored or non colored gemstone for wedding rings, my answer is non color. To me, non colors or rather call it white color gemstone look more elegant and classic than color gemstones. However I know some of you might prefer color gemstones; especially nowadays you can see many choice of color, such as blue, black, green, pink etc. Check out the site of, there you can see lot of beautiful and lovely design for color gemstone that suita ble for wedding or engagement rings.

Sapphire Rings and Emerald rings are among those color gemstone that getting popular for married couple nowadays. Some said white gemstone is out of trend now, so they prefer to choose color gemstone for their wedding or engagement ring. Besides sapphire and emerald rings, pearl rings also a good choice for wedding occasion.

My mom is one of the lovers for emerald earring eventually. If I am running out of idea what to buy for her during Mother’s Day or her birthday, I will go for emerald earring coz I am sure she will happily accept it.