Friday, June 22, 2007

Do it Yourself

I love to DIY thing at home. Besides can save some bucks from my pocket, I also can gain some satisfaction once my DIY product done. If other family member praise my hard work and appreciate the items, I will feel more proud too! LOL

My sewing skill not bad actually, hence I love to DIY dresses for my 2 girls, sew curtain for the home/room as well as those cushion covers. Not only that, I also will sew some nice hanger for my kitchen towel, so that there will look more creative rather than just a plain towel. Oh ya, I also sew mini clothing for my girls’ Barbie doll, they love it!

Besides DIY clothing for family member, we usually will paint our house by ourself too. Hubby is the one will do the job. Hiring someone to paint the house is not cheap nowadays; we want to save money for our future use, thus the best way is do it yourself! Actually installation for window and house lock is not as hard as you think of. Read more from the instruction manual or the step by step instruction from the web, then you also able to DIY them without incurring additional cost at all!

There is plenty of DIY website nowadays; UK TV Style is one of them. You can find lots of useful DIY tips from the web. Check it out today and save some bucks!