Saturday, June 30, 2007

Being rich is good!

Sometimes I very jealous over those rich families who can go for luxury vacation, like Europe tour, Hawaii, Maldives etc. they can go as and when they like or just select any vacation package as their wedding anniversary activity. I don’t know when I will have such good life like them. I have to hardworking and earn the hard money only can go for those vacations to pamper myself. So far I had been to Europe once, that’s also my not so easy earned money together with hubby.

Lately my boss ask me to book him Hawaii home rentals from Hawaiian Beach Rentals. he plans to give his wife a surprise and bring her there for second honeymoon. See, rich people really can spend money easily without thinking twice like us!

Never mind, I will put more effort to write more paid post, hopefully my dream to Hawaii won’t be too far too! Wish me luck.