Friday, June 22, 2007

Growth your business

My boss is a typical Chinese businessman, he hardly search information online or even participate in any forum that relates to his business. To me, all these are essential coz we can gain some useful information online as well as exchange some business ideas with other businessmen who run the same business as me.

Well, I am going to introduce MerchantCircle Forum to my boss and persuade him to read or participate in the forum discussion issues. This forum is intended to offer a place for business owners to exchange information about the ins and outs of running a business; also helping local businesses get more customers quickly, easily and cost effectively. I am pretty sure my boss will gain some benefits from it since currently he is looking for solutions on how to promote our product listing and to search for more customers. The best forum topic that he should read is Innovative ways to promote the business. The useful information allow the business owners like him to visible their site and indirectly increase their sales. Other than that he also able to find tips and ideas on how to promote and growth his business.

I think I’ll sign up an account for him first since the registration is FREE!