Thursday, June 21, 2007

Colloidal Silver

I always have this thinking in my mind set: we shall take supplements pill besides taking healthy and balance diet in our daily meal. Well, some of you might not agree with my statement though. To me, not all food can provide us full nutrition and balance diet, only via taking supplement pills that can ensure us have good immune system for our body.

colloidal silver is one type of supplement product that can provide you the highest level of effectiveness to strengthen your immune system. It was used a dietary supplements to maintain robust immune system for optima health.

Some of you might ask how this colloidal silver come from? You can actually read more about the effectiveness of colloidal silver from Purest Colloids. Colloidal silver is determined by particle surface area, the higher the particle surface area the more effective the colloidal silver. Hence when you drink the product , it will easily enter your stomach and then go to small intestines. This make the absorption of the silver particles takes place in the small intestines and then go into the bloodstream where they circulate to all parts of the body. Later all the particles will be passed out of the body as waste hence to detox your body. Sound like a very good supplement food ya!