Monday, March 13, 2006

After the fell....

After this fell, Lyon is fine now, but..... She becomes very manja nowadays! She seem like can see through that we dun want she fall down again. We very kiasi too, follow her almost very steps wherever she goes, that’s why she can sense from our reaction. We too remind Wien again and again… …. dun chase mei mei, else she will fall again… …. dun snatch mei mei’s toy…(scare she will pull too hard and make Lyon fall down) …. Dun climb sofa, else mei mei will follow.... etc... Our message to her is : everything lets Lyon get the priority. Wien still play as usual with her, buy Lyon got our message, that’s why she very manja now! Our fault??!! She fall down (minor case), she’ll cry manja-ly and look for someone to hold her and carry her up! If no one entertains her, she cries even louder. Wien’s pillow accidentally hit her legs, she cries! Look for rescuer! She wants pencil from Wien, Wien refuse, she cry! Hoping Wien give in. She tears newspaper, Wien warn her, she cry too!

She try to climb sofa, I scold her, she cry manja-ly and ask me to carry her & refuse to come down anymore, * sigh *

This bad habit definitely cannot continue anymore, got to train her to get rid of it, else she’ll be very demanding.


Egghead said...

aiyor... if they dun manja to you... you will be worried that they dun love you ler :P

Potential Mom said...

whahaha///cannot let it be lar... must fast fast let lyon back to normal ler.... if not willvery very manja..

Tracy said...

Hahaha, don't underestimate Lyon. She knows how to demand cos she knows u all will give in if she cries. Don't know why kids just love to be manja-ed. But just make sure they don't "climb onto ur head".

Allyfeel said...

Hmm... I guess after the shock, she wants more attention. haha...mommy let her indulge it for a while and after that discipline her gau gau. :P

Allyfeel said...

Hmm... I guess after the shock, she wants more attention. haha...mommy let her indulge it for a while and after that discipline her gau gau. :P

Lazymama said...

Yaloh, let her manja a while then only discipline loh! And don't be over-protective ya!

I think I am very hard hearted. I don't pick up Yee Ching immediately if minor fall. Just let her cried a bit and tell her certain action will hurt and be careful next time! And usually I don't restrict her movement too, just follow her everywhere and make sure she is safe. Just hope that she can grows to be a tough and independent girl!

Zara's Mama said...

Wah, she also very clever to sense you all now very protective towards here and use this as a weapon huh?

Wien never get jealous always have to give way to Lyon?

Anonymous said...

Wahh..Lyon so smart huh, btw dont over manja her, else you will hear her crying every now and then just to get your all attention.

mom2ashley said...

she's using the crying mechanism to get things her way now.....

Jesslyn said...

she can manja me anytime but not using cry as weapon mah!

potential mom:
Ya, i know the consequences of her manja, sure will get rid of it!

kids are kids, they very smart to manipulate us wan!

when it's time, sure will discipline her, but by then dunno I can tahan her cry or not? very soft heartened ler..:(

me very 心软 lar, each time she fell I will go to her, opposite with hubby, he will let them cry!

Wien jeolous too but after that I will reward her with something, so that she'll not feel being left out by us! Both are my girls, love must be equal.

Ya lor, sometimes the cry really "fan" ler..:(

aren't they smart?! hope this will be over very soon!

Contented Mum said...

My girl also like tat wan, if I sayang sayang she will be very manja. If she fall down, I pretend don't see she will stand up and continue playing, if I rush to her she sure cry loud loud!

jazzmint said...

wah she use that as a *chow mah* to be manja now u all gotta pretend and act like before..maybe after a while she will get the clue :). Smart girl

1+2mom said...

For me if just minor fall i call them wake up by themselve and said nvm and bit the floor..let them know the floor no good make them fall off..haha.It work ler, you can try this method.

Jesslyn said...

contented mum:
ya, same here! But my girls will not stop crying, she will wait till I come to her! *sigh*

too smart i guess, getting too much DHA from MJ milk liao! lol

1+2 mom:
I tried b4, work for me too! hehe...she will use her leg to kick the floor ler!

shiaulin said...

I treated Xuan same way as Jefference to YeeCheng. 你见过鬼怕黑?that's ok wan lar... relax-lah ;)