Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Yesterday home alone with the 2 girls. About 8am+, FIL drove MIL to Muar Hospital. Left the 2 girls with me. I decided to bring Lyon for her check up. Suppose to go on 1/03, but go earlier one day should be okay la, dun think the nurse will scold me gua. As usual, I go to government clinic. The clinic very near to my house, within walking distance too but me lazy to walk, just drive. Reach there by 9.30am, kau-tim everything on 10.15am, pretty fast! No jab require at 15 month, just do normal check up. She is 8.40kg(very light hor but she eat a lot le..!!?? mana pergi those food??) and 72cm height(quite short too...cham lor, generate my short gene!). Anyway, since she is healthy, so no worry much on this. After the clinic trip, we just stay at home; playing, eating, sleeping while waiting for PIL to come back. Expect them to come back around noon time. While preparing porridge, received call from FIL, said they hv to wait till 2pm only can see the specialist; as there is no dr in the morning session. Wow, have to wait so long hour, pity them! When I rang them up on Monday, they never inform me on the time, *sigh* 1pm+ get them to have their nap, me also nap with them. Tired at home, need a rest too. About 3.45pm, they are back. At the same time, my girls also woke up too. So happy when they saw MIL is back, call ma-ma, ma-ma so loud! Ok, back to MIL story. We still dunno the result yet as she need to go for another appointment to do the memogram. Before this she only do pap smear yearly but not memogram. Anyway our GH always like to ask us to wait one la, wonder choice, just wait and see. At the same time , we keep pursuing her to see private specialist, so can know the result faster, but she said want to do this in GH too. If really hv to wait long time only go for private! She wanna save our cost gua. p/s: Will do the update on her conditions if any. btw, thanks for all the concern.


Zara's Mama said...

Wow, you bring Lyon for check up in government hospital every month ah?

Zara only goes when there's jab, but we dont' go government b'cos I cannot tahan the wait.

What do they check huh?

kwloong said...

No need to pay ah, bring Lyon for checkup? I never take my gal for checkup unless got jab or problem. See less the better.

I am so glad, now I have forgotten how the doctor look like...:lol:


Jesslyn said...

Ya, almost go monthly as the nurse said her weight gain progress is slow wor. But after this trip, only hv to go when she is 18mth, for the last jab.
No thorough checking la, just ask some basic question, weigh & measure her only, give multi-v or vit c.
My side here no need to wait so long, so better save the cost & go there lor!

Yes, is FOC! The clinic so near, so go almost monthly lor. Sometimes they'll prescribe some multi-v too.
I still hv to go for her 18mth jab!! but this is the last..:P

Lazymama said...

GH is like that loh, too many patients but insufficient dr and budget, thus have to wait loh.

I didn't bring my girl to check up unless for jab purpose. We choose private Paed coz can go on Sunday.

Egghead said...

susah hor going to gaoment hospital... no choice lah... not as if we are rich :(

Allyfeel said...

They are always like that one, "zhi han sek kim", very good indeed. But pity them hor have to put up with all the waiting.