Monday, March 06, 2006


One night before changing Wien into her pyjamas, I gave her a wipe. Sometimes cannot tahan she is too sticky ( sweat a lot, running here & there), I'll give her a quick bath too. She ask me this... Wien : 妈咪,为什麽弟弟要站住小便? Mummy, why di di pee in standing position?...(wonder how come today she mention di di but not boy??) Me : 因为男孩子有kkc, 他们可以对准马桶嘛! Becos boy got kkc, they can shoot better...(hehe..think a while only answer her...) Wien : 为什麽我要蹲住的? Why I hv to squat down? Me : 如果你站住小便,小便就会你弄湿你的脚啰! erm...If u stand and pee, the urine will wet your leg....(cannot find a better reason liao) I think she satisfy with my answer, stop asking further. Later bring her to room to change. She ask again.... Wien : 妈咪,为什麽你不要生弟弟? Mummy, why you don't want to give birtht to a di di?...(huh, how come suddently ask this question?....) Me : ...think a while... 因为老天爷不要给我们弟弟啰! becos GOD dun want to give us a di di lor!..(hehe..blame GOD pulak..*tougue out*) Wien : 为什麽老天爷不要给我们弟弟? Why GOD dun want to give us di di? Me : 不懂哩,他只给我们妹妹! Dunno ler, HE gave us Mei Mei only. Wien : 为什麽你生我的时候,我不是弟弟的? Why when you give birth to me, why me not a di di?...(aiyo, how come she think like that?) Me : 哈?为什麽你要做弟弟? Ha? Why u want to become a di di? Wien : 因为弟弟可以站住小便嘛? Becos di di can stand & pee mah! ...(OMG, she prefer pee in standing position...) 哎呀!原来她要做个小男孩!She prefer to be a boy lah!


Lazymama said...

walau! Mummy has to answer Q&A like this ah? If me, sure tounge tie and don't know how to answer.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to wish my mother to give birth of a kor kor to me (I am the eldest) as I like to have a kor kor to sayang me mah!

Jesslyn said...

She's big girl now, almost everyday got this kind of Q & A, sometimes feel tire too when thinking of the answer to answer her!

Egghead said...

LOL! Little Wien will surely grow up a girl full of questions! future einstein!

Jason said...

LOL. Then you add oil and give little brother for Wien loh~!

jazzmint said... she thinks that boy is better off huh...

Zara's Mama said...

She wants to be Didi to stand to shu-shu? Then you just give her use the gadget (paper cone), your husband invented loh. :P

kwloong said...

LOL, you didn't ask her meh, stand and pee, nice ah? Let's hope my Emily doesn't ask this type of questions. By the way, which di di she saw pee-ing?


Jesslyn said...

now she already full of Q ler..her papa very proud of her wan, as he said she is as creative as him!

Hey, add oil doesn't mean that I surely will get boy ler!

Ya lor, dunno where she learn this ..:P

She tried!! But she said very ma fan she need to hold properly and can feel the warm (urine)which she dislike! hehe..

ok, sure will ask if she ask again!

I guess she saw our neighbour's kid peeing at the drain la, else no one liao!

Sabrina said...

Hahaha...So cute. You should tell her stand and pee very mah fan. Later shoot wrong place the pee can kena us.

Tracy said...

Wah ha ha, Wien prefers to pee while standing? Really, maybe she thinks dat it's more comfortable dat way.

Destinee once asked her pappy why he's standing and not like her and mommy sitting to pee. Her pappy told her dat pappy's a 'boy' and Destinee & mommy are 'girls'. She seemed to understand and luckily she did not ask further.

Twinsmom said...

揸到,问这么多就是想问为什么她没有小鸟 LOL...

mom2ashley said...

hahahh! now is the "why this" and "why that" phase huh?

Ricket said...

What to do? somethimes the simplest question can also be the toughest question.

Jesslyn said...

she said standing easier than squatting down ler..:)

I think she wanna follow dat neighbour's kid.


yeah, Q & A stage too!

ya lor, make me headache sometimes! :P

domesticgoddess said...

呵呵,使时候给她们添个弟弟了呱... 女儿都开口问了咧! :)

Allyfeel said...

YA lor, when ar? that little boy that wien wanted? she is good ar, can say 老天爷. Good vocab!

James Tan Juan Whei said...

maybe you should call it kkb.
it means coo coo bird or koo koo bird.

shiaulin said...

哈哈... 好可爱。