Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lyon fell down..again!

Yesterday was International Women's Day, both hubby & myself were on leave! We are not celebrating the day but to send Lyon to see paed early in the morning.

She fell down again!
Not like previous fell though ; this time she fell from sofa with her head knock the floor! Hubby and myself SAW the incident, but too late to give her a hand! I felt guity now. All these happened during Tuesday night while I feed her dinner. She reject her highchair quite some time ago, so each time I will feed her in living hall, on the DVD or let her play something in hand. She know how to climb sofa but we'll be with her, in case she jump from sofa. That night after I feed her one scoop, Wien call me to ask me something. So I turn to her, the minute I turn to her and ask her what's up; I heard hubby shouted : oh oh......I turn to him but saw he look at Lyon side, I turn to Lyon. OMG! She already "on the way to fall"...too late! All these happen within a second! Next we can hear she crying loudly, cry till no end! PIL come to see her after they heard the big "BANG"! Lyon saw ma ma and immediately she want her to carry her instead of me. Soothe her nearly 10 minutes only stop crying, must be getting the shock too other than the pain. After that she refuse us to put her down, want us carry her! *sigh* We thought she is okay after this. But nope, the show just start. 2.00am. She start crying. Guess she must be getting nightmare from the fell. Soothe and cuddle her, no help. Ask her whether she want nen- nen, she say yes. Later make milk for her but she only suck a while then give me back the bottle. After that she vomited, no idea the vomit is due to crying or the fell, anyway I already start worry as I know vomit after a fell is not a good sign! 3am. She sleep back again. 4am. She up again, cry! Vomit too..... at that time I really hope for sun rise, I want to bring her see doctor!! I hug and cuddle her, she refuse me to put her down. Daddy dun want to let her sleep, bring her to living hall, as he said wanna check on her see whether she can walk properly or not. But how to check, she is crying, of course she will not walk as usual, she come to me each time daddy put her down. 4.45am. I let her sleep again, this time I put her into her sarong, no shake her, just let her lies down. 15 minutes later, she fell asleep. I brought her out and put her on her bed, she up again! Ask me carry her again. Cuddle her to sleep, put her down, she is up, cuddle again.....this process repeat & repeat....till nearly 6am. Finally she sleep soundly after that, must be very tired liao! Hubby already wake up at 5.30am as couldn't fell asleep anymore! 7.00am. She wake up. I offer her milk as whole night she is vomitting, thinking she must be hungry by now. She finish the whole bottle (I only make 3 Oz for her, scare she vomit again if too full), I am so glad. But less than 2 minutes, she vomit out all the milk. You can guess how I feel then! 8.45am. We on our way to see the paed. 9.45am. Reach at paed's clinic. 10.45am. Our turn. Paed ask many questions, also check throughly on her. But he said cannot do the head scanning now as couldn't see anything yet. He requested us to monitor closely on her. If she still cry for no reason or vomiting, then only bring her to see him again! Anyway he said Lyon should be fine and he only precribe her the vomit medicine. What a relief for me when hear he said like that! Btw, Lyon cry like no end too in the clinic, she refuse the paed to touch her! Hubby listen to what paed said while me soothe Lyon. Lyon sleep through out on the way back home. She is ok now, really gave us a nightmare last night! Got to be more careful and keep an eye on her movement from now on. In the afternoon, both hubby and myself nap together with the girls (2 hours), got to catch up some sleep due to last night's sleepless night!


Egghead said...

if I have a nickle for every time my son bang hit head on something... I should be able to get a Merc by now :P

hope Lyon feels better in the coming few days... I think is the fear more than the pain...

Lazymama said...

Oh, poor Lyon! Hope nothing serious!

My girl fell a lot too, too much till my fingers can't count!

jazzmint said...

poor girl...hope she's over with all the nightmare by now :)..

Anonymous said...

Aiyo..poor Lyon, hope she ok now.

Contented Mum said...

Hugs to Lyon and mummy too! hope she is better now. Yesterday, my Qi Ning also knock her head, but no one know when or how or where she knock herself. We only see the red bangolow in the evening after work.

Contented Mum said...

Hugs to Lyon and mummy too! hope she is better now. Yesterday, my Qi Ning also knock her head, but no one know when or how or where she knock herself. We only see the red bangolow in the evening after work.

Tracy said...

Wow! What a restless nite u all went thru. Poor Lyon and poor mommy and daddy.

I think Lyon was in fear when she fell. I don't know whether u believe this or not. Try giving ur kids "Ceng hok yuin" immediately the next time u feel dat they are not their usual self after a fall or just anything.

When our child is sick, it's usually the mommy who will be up the whole nite taking care of and worrying about her/him (soli daddies).

Twinsmom said...

whao... scary scary scary... if vomit after fell down I will bring the kids to hospital immediately, I very kiasi wan.

hope your girl over come the shock soon.

Milly said...

really make mummy guilty and worry for the whole nite lor... what a relief afther see paed...


Jason said...

Aiyor... Kesian... Hope she's ok already. :)

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. Jesslyn, must have been a tough day for you.. It's not just a scare for Lyon, but also for hubby and you..

Glad to know that she's ok. Gosh.. it must have worried you sick!

I'm always very worried about Zara falling too.. that's why I always tell her to be careful here be careful there, and warn her if she try something funny, she'll fall down and VERY PAIN PAIN. I really hope she understands what I say and won't try any funny stunt.

Have a good rest, and hope all is well.

mom2ashley said...

whoa..vomitted somemore? not to scare you but usually people who suffer from concussion will get her checked thoroughly to rule out anything for peace of mind yea...

Jesslyn said...

Ya, it happen to fast! sometimes we able to 'save' her wan.
She cry for fear la.

Lyon too fell till lost count! Normal fell is ok as fell only can make kids growth mah!

I guess she had overcome liao as she sleep soundly following night!

Ya she is ok now & also start climing sofa too. Warn her, then she come & manja me, ask me carry her pulak! :(

contented mum:
Thank you.
If can see the "bungalow" is ok, but we couldn't find anything on her, that's worry me!

I forgot to feed her "bao ying dan". If my mum know sure she will remind me to do so! In fact, MIL not so encourage me feed bb this medicine, not trust!
Daddy is up too but is the crying that make him up la.



谢谢Jason哥哥的关心! :)

zara's mama:
Everything is ok by now! Warn her many times too, but she seem like not scare at all ler! Headache!

the paed said her vomit might due to minor concussion, advise us to monitor her closely too!
but after the visit, no more vomit now!

kwloong said...

Poor Jess, must be worried over the incident. Now, go get her a helmet. If she is noty, put it on her.

Whenever I see my gal jump on the sofa. I tell her, fall down pain pain. She understands and stop.


Allyfeel said...

oh poor lyon. Hope she is feeling better now. I can understand how you feel.

Bb fell down twice like that too. The first when he was hardly one year old. That really make us worried sick. I can still remember the sound of his head hitting the ground. Just be careful and take care okay? You must have been so worry.