Thursday, March 23, 2006


我家小不点已经16个月了!好快喔! (Lyon is 16 month lor….how time flies! ) I still have very fresh memory when give birth to her 16 month ago. Now she already can walk, run, jump, talk, scream for joy, and shout for attention etc etc…Mee Mee is getting older by 16 month too… *sigh* Yeah, we call Lyon as 小不点 (xiao bu dian) as her nickname, she look so small and fragile to us! Imagine a little girl walking and running here and there, so scare we will accidentally hits her and cause her fall down. Wien so jie jie look now and quite rough too sometimes, so all of us tend to protect this 小不点. This name suits her very well though. Most of the time we call her as 小妹 (xiao mei), becos we want Wien to call her like that. Now Lyon seem like thinking her name is 小妹 too time to call her real name liao. Copy Jefferene's format here...hehe... Physical Growth Weight: 8.2 kg Height: 72 cm (as of 28.02.06, measured by nurse) Physical Development * Like to follow what Wien do, Wien’s best follower! Wien will 报告 to papa when papa is back, she also hands up her right hand and keep saying :papa papa…..wanna interrupt Wien. * Able to imitate rabbit’s walking style & mimic rabbit sound..chip chip, chip chip * Trying to jump now, not from sofa but on the floor itself. Eating Habbit * Wai sek moi, very like to eat! * 2 solid meals + 4 formula ( each time only 3-4 oz, very little) * All kind of fruits * I think I should say all kind of food she wanna a share too! She even can eat spicy potatoes chips!! After eating, show me her mouth that it is spicy hor! * Refuse to share with Wien on food now, she want it in her own share, such as Vitagen. Social Development * Not friendly, afraid of stranger! * Now can accept Hui Ying jie jie (SIL’s daughter), allow her to carry her sometimes * Clingy to papa whenever papa is back from work. Speech Development Other than the 2 words, she learns more new word now.

Gai gai – have a walk 去玩 (Qu wan) – go and play 开(Kai) –open either food plastic or container 拔(Ba) – pull out

Many of others too, mummy cannot recall by now, bad memory! One sweet part of her is, she will address people when she see them, with her sweet and manja voice! Everyone “lump” at her sweet voice, sure they will pick her up and kiss her after she call them. Other Development She very happy whenever see us open the gate, meaning that we are going to go gai-gai or play at outside. She has special laughing for this excitement; I don’t know how to describe here; also her hand sign, in her very own way…how nice if I can tape it down….ok ok , will buy a new digital camera very soon! Like to empty her toy basket, later leave them around the basket and go play other stuff. But we call her come back and put back all these before allow her play other toys. Most of the time she will listen. Able to tell when she wants to pee, but sometimes she tells while she pees too! Poor us got to wipe the floor as she only wear pants at home. She will go to toilet and take out her potty when she wants to poo! Seldom poo in pants! Good girl! Use remote control or handphone and pretend talking with someone.

Feel jeolous when we sayang to Wien.

Cry when we scold her, or even we just show her warning sign. See, how manja she is!!



Zara's Mama said...

wah.. your 小不点 toilet trained liao.. so clever.

Mine still not yet..ask her to poo poo in potty she said scared scared. :|

小不点's weight and height also very 小 hor?

jazzmint said...

u sure she's 8.2kg ah..she looks bigger than my girl leh, mine sudah 9kg!!

so good toilet train liao, cut down alot of diapers cost. Mine still thinks the potty is a place for her to store things haiyoo...

kwloong said...

Wow, she looks feminine in this picture.

Tracy said...

Ur 'siow pu dian' is really cute, chubby and fair. Wanted to carry her when I met her but she refused ... too bad ... Maybe she doesn't feel safe as I was a 'stranger' to her.

Jesslyn said...

ZMM & Jazzmint:
Toilet train credit should give to MIL, she has the patient!

Ya lor, she seem like small size hor, maybe like her Mee Mee!

She does look like a girl when compare to Wien's small time!

Meet her few times, sure she want u carry her wan...:P

Allyfeel said...

I like the name 小妹, I have been called 小妹 or 妹妹 when I was young. haha!

Sooo clever already, can tell she wants to pee and poo? Does 小不点 looks like you? I saw the elephant pic, she has your sweet face and smiles. ;)