Friday, March 17, 2006

Crying baby

View through my girls' album, realised that we never took the photos while they cry. Not to say they never cry, but when they cry, we busy console or soothe them, never never come to our mind to take out camera and snap. But after see Zara's crying photo, I so tempted to take it if I have the chance. So, I wait wait wait....till last night the chance come.....hehe...what a bad mee mee I am! I gave her bottle to drink water, after drinking, she shake the bottle and split out the water onto the mattress. So I pretend angry and point to her say : hah, you're naughty ha! See! wet the mattress liao! After she hear it, her head look down (dun want to see my face) and start crying! Aiyo, I not mean to scold her, yet she cry till so sorrow. I ask papa to soothe her and me continue flipping my newspaper. She cry more louder when I ignore her! Then I think of to take her crying photos, quickly took out camera & snap! hahaha...manage to get some! Although papa keep soothening her, but she still cry non stop, till I pick her up! After she stop crying and play by her own (Wien not at home as she went to wedding party with MIL together with SIL#3), I went to kitchen to do some washing. Less than 15 minutes, when she realised I am not with her, she cry again... *sigh* This time is papa's turn to take out camera & snap her photos! hehe...very bad papa and mee mee ya!


Jason said...

Haha! Why lah so bad? :P

Contented Mum said...

Cry till so kesian! sob sob. I think when they grow up, they will laugh looking at their crying photo, I am also trying capture Qi Ning crying's moment.

Potential Mom said...

wahahah..... cute ler...!! but mummy really bad bad huh....

shiaulin said...

they still look cute while crying. good work! hahaha...

ok where is my Xuan now, wanna make him cry and shoot his crying photo :P

Lazymama said...

Notty mummy, made Lyon to take photo for blogging! :P

BTW, Lyon is at the "very manja" stage huh!

I have YChing cry photos too, will post it up later!

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. so 'cham'.. See also want to hug and sayang her already..

But when they cry, they look very cute one ler.. hor?

Ricket said...

Actually it doesn't matter if she's crying or laughing, all these are snilets of their lives which parents will treasure.

kwloong said...

You can stand her crying ah?

1+2mom said...

She want mommy manja mar!!!You can stand her crying so long??

Jesslyn said...

we are not purposely make her cry mah, she notti at first place ler!

contented mum:
that's what I think too! Now I regret never take Wien's crying photo although that time we already got digital camera! *sigh*

potential mum:
hehe...after that I showed Lyon her photos, she show her crying face to me!

wah, u wanna purposely make Xuan cry ha? jialat la u!

I did not make her cry la, she 哭包嘛!
Yup, I feel she quite manja too!

zara'a mama:
I found zara's crying photo more cham ler, big big tears rolling down! hehe..

ya, truely agreed with u!

michelle/1+2 mom:
both session she cry less than 5 min la, quick hand quick leg snap it!

Jason said...

But you prentend to scold her woh!!!

jazzmint said...

ham pau pau...i find that when they cry, it's only Mommy can console them...If daddy, they will cry even louder...ahakssss...

Tracy said...

Wah, poor Lyon. She looks so kesian. Feel like carrying and hugging her.

Haha, must take some 'ham pau' snapshots of Destinee for keeps too.

Twinsmom said...

ai yoh... so 凄凉... *小夜曲音乐*...

Potential Mom said...

last time i also a ku bao...!! must cry at least 2 times per day..sometime more than that ler...!!!

now, stil very easy to cry... but cut down liao not enuff tears lioa...whahaha

Jesslyn said...

ok ok la, say I bully her lar!

yalor, I hv same thought too!

u also notti mummy..:P
me wait for wien to cry now..hehehe


potential mom:
u so sentimental girl ha?

Egghead said...

aiyor... certified cruel mom :P

Allyfeel said...

Hahaha, u guys are so mean la... :) Poor Girl..Oops! I was once a bad mummy too. kekekeke...

Aiyoo, I see her so cute, I can't stand already, I want to carry and console her la... :D

Jesslyn said...

We are proudly to announce Certified cruel moms list:
1. Zara's mama (since she posted many times of Zara's cry photos)
2. Jesslyn
3. Jefferene (since she said going to post YC cry photos)
4. Contented mum ( since she said wanna capture QN crying's moment)
5. Shiaulin (since she wanna make Xuan cry & snap)
6. Tracy ( since she wanna snap for Destinee too)

but she will not allow stranger to carry her ler...:(