Monday, March 20, 2006

My Weekend

Saturday Morning So bored, got to work for this Saturday. One of my Malay colleague's SIL marry, invite us to attend the wedding, but lazy to go. After work, straight drive back home. Saturday Afternoon/Evening My girls nap, I nap with them too..hehehe...but only 1/2 hour. Then look for something to do. I am half way sewing new dress for myself. Ok, sew it now, as no one will disturb me at this moment. Hubby busy surfing net. Whent the girls up from nap, I decide to make toast bread for them. Very simple snack! Full ingredients & steps can get from here!

Wow, everyone like it! Hubby even eaten up total 5 slice, full till he has to delay his dinner..hehe

Later both girls went to outside and play, then me busy prepare for the dinner.

When dinner is ready, I look for them as is time to bath too. Saw they happily running here and there. Hubby called me to look at Wien's foot. When I saw it, I almost fainted!

She is too excited I think, running with her bare foot! See her right big thumb with some bruise? Poor Wien, all becos of Lyon. Few days ago, Lyon was playing with this( see the photos below as I dunno what it call), maybe she did not hold it properly, it hit exactly at Wien's foot thumb! Pity Wien, cry 2 days becos of the pain.

Saturdat Night Spent whole night at home too! Plan to go back mum's house on Sunday.

Sunday Sunday morning. Call mum and inform that we plan to go back; she will cook extra, so settle our lunch. Later me go and do some washing and prepare Lyon’s porridge. Ding dong ding dong, it’s already 11am+.

Reached there around nearly 12noon. I think Wien is hungry, she saw a cake box in the kitchen (neighbor’s daughter getting married), and grab 2 slices and finish them. Lyon also had eaten half slice of it. My mum do the fried chicken, offer Wien one, she also finish it. By the time lunch is ready to serve, she already feels full. Hubby just feed her ABC soup.

We spent whole evening at my mum's place. After dinner only drive back to home.

Some photos taken at mum's house. My mum just love to plant vege and flowers; just want to pass her time I guess. emm, I must visit her more often!

Look like hubby likes Lyon to be his model. Wien is too active running here and there, cannot snap proper photo of her, all turn out blur blur! *sigh*


Jason said...

I also got blogged about the toast before. :D

Zara's Mama said...

Eh, I still cannot post in the recipe blog.. b'cos Michelle didn't send me my password yet.. :(

Quite eventful also your w/end.. Yeah la.. Lyon's age very difficult to snap photos.. cannot stay still don't know how to post.. it's always depending on luck to get their photos.

Btw, you really should do this sewing job.. do like Miria.. put up a site.. take order, thn sew... try and see.. no harm trying ma

mom2ashley said...

wouch! that must have hurt!!! (the toe)

Potential Mom said...

ouch...pain pain...!! now the toe ok aredi ar??

Allyfeel said...

Ooh! Yummy french toast. My hubby loves it. Haven't let bb try yet.'s nice to visit mum once in a while. They will be so happy with two little cute girls around. :)

Poor Wien, toe toe painful. Did u give her a kiss at the toe? hehe..I always kiss bb all over if he is not feeling well.

shiaulin said...

aiyoh.. look at Wien's toe, must be very painful leh.. tsk tsk tsk...

Egghead said...

so long weekend macam... I only love to rest during weekends :)

Tracy said...

I loves French toasts too. I like it the salty way. And what I normally do is fry the bread after soaking them with the eggs.

Wuah lau eh! The cymbals fell on Wien's toes? Dat's very, very painful esp. the round edges. Poor Wien. Auntie Tracy and Destinee mei mei 'sayang sayang', okay?

Guess u better visit ur mum often and I'm sure she misses u all a lot esp. her two lovely 'cucus'.

Twinsmom said...

ouch..... pain pain pain... so sam tong leh, will take quite sometiem to clear.

jazzmint said...

waiyaa...the toes so dirty, reminds me of the hobbits in LOTR :P.

hehe yah..when they run around, hard to take photo, all keluar macam hantu :P

Jesslyn said...

yeah, I browe thru liao! U fry both side but me one side only!

zara's mama:
okok, will try to give it a try then!

yes, is painful, I feel sam tong too! scold Lyon, she cry pulak!

But what i want to show is her dirty foot ler!

no kiss her toe la, just hug her and console her!

we rest enough liao hor, must hv fun too during weekend mah!

yeah, very very dirty foot! I use brush to wash it off ler! LOL

Jesslyn said...

potential mom:
sorry, miss out u pulak..:P
her toe is ok now, but wait for the color to clear off!