Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where is my house?

Yesterday back from work, only Lyon greeted me, did not see Wien. I feel strange as normally 2 of them will be standing at gate when I come back. Enter house, realised she is busy playing with her favourite playmate - Hui Ying jie jie(SIL#1's daughter), no wonder not bother to greet me lar! It's school holiday now, normally SIL#1 will drop HY at our house, let her play with my girls, at the same time she can help MIL to babysit them too! When she "realised" mummy is back, she quickly come and ask me..... Wien : mummy, where is my house hah? Me : what house? Wien: neh, the one build at beach wan ah...(we bluff her go to beach only build this, lazy to set up for her!) Me : oh, the camp house. But mummy keep in store liao, difficult to dig out lar! Wien : mummy, take out la, I want to play with HY jie jie. I bet must be HY jie jie ask her to ask from me wan...go to store room, dig dig dig, finally found it!! After that 2 of them happily set up the camp by themself!

Camp is their store, they are selling fruit juice. HY is the si-tau-poh, Wien is the waitress, and Lyon is....is....I think should call her trouble maker lar! She keep kacau their ka-chang!

In order not to disturb by the little trouble maker, they "close shop" do business. Ask her "stand" outside! But she keep banging the "door"!

So they pass her something, "order" her to go away!

.......or peep from the small window...Poor Lyon...

p/s: papa saw the incident, "order" both of them come out from the camp, put Lyon inside and play a while...hehehe....


Egghead said...

the bigger girls kena marah ah? so cham hor... have to teach them how to share :)

Lazymama said...

hehe, very cute! Sound fun too, camp in the house!

I think my girl will love to join the business too! Too bad you are in Johor!

Allyfeel said...

HAHAHA, this is so funny. You must have enjoyed yourself with 2 little funny people and friend, oooo and the sweet camp. :)

Zara's Mama said...

I noticed most of the time it's like that.. toddlers are not welcome since they cannot follow the rule of the game, and bigger kids find them troublesome. *sigh*.

But your tent very nice ler.. should take out and play more often.

mom2ashley said...

aww poor thing....being left out by the bigger kids...

Potential Mom said...

last time i also like t his wor... bully the small 1...ekkkke

jazzmint said...

wah wah..so nice, build a house within a house hehehe...now did u use that for camping last time during pak tohh...or bought it for the gals :p

poor Lyon...kena stand outside and wait

shiaulin said...

aiyoh kesian Lyon... so now daddy became her hero loh?! :D

Tracy said...

Poor Lyon, being left out like dat. She's so cute by knocking on the 'door' and peeping at the window. Luckily daddy went to her rescue.

Lyon's too young to understand what the elder jieh jiehs were playing and maybe the jieh jiehs found her irritating when she messed with their 'kah chang', so she was 'kicked out' of their game. Hahaha, kids are always so amusing.


poor little Lyon...being outcast by the bigger kids..luckily daddy come to the rescue...

Jesslyn said...

Not scold but lecture them, especially Wien, she got to share everything with mei mei mah!

Is fun for them but not us, as the camp take up so much spare in the house! Difficult to sweep floor too!
Welcome YC to join the fun ler!

me enjoy reading newspaper/magazine while they busy playing inside the camp..:P

The camp hand-me-down from my sister! It's so well keep though, her kids already standard 1 & 2!!

My MIL also pity her, bring her for a walk & offer her something to eat then!

potential mom:
u pun sama? u bad girl wor!:P

pak toh in camp? wei, the camp too small for us la, hubby's legs sure come out one!
Not buy one but get it from my sister!

ya, papa always is her 救星!路见不平,拔刀相助!

I like the way she peeing at window, seem wanna know what they do inside!

two little fellas:
ya lor, bigger girls so selfish! :(

Princess Yoyo & family said...

Aiyoh! this story really made me laugh over here.When i was small,i used to play like your kids without the 'house'. Pity the little one, she is defintely not the trouble maker, she is so CUTE!! Hope my girl can play with her lah^^