Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bubble Girl - 18xxx

Usually after work, I got to bath my 2 girls. To save time, I'll bath both in one time in their very traditional red "bath tub"!!(my mother buy one for me during my chinese wedding ceremony lor! Although at first I keep asking her not to buy, but very useful now....:P) The bath tub a bit squeeze, because Wien quite a big girl now. Sometimes naughty Lyon not allow Wien to join in, she'll keep making noise and pull Wien's hand. Then I'hv to get her another washtub. But sometimes both can happily mandi sama- sama! If they bath together, they like to play with the bubble, I guess most kids like to play water as well as the bubble during bathing. Especially Wien now, used up a lot of the shampoo to make those bubble and making ballon too! Quite wasted though, scold few times only she behave a bit now. If me home alone with them, I'll take bath together with them too....hehehe...else I got no chance to take my bath! Wonder how I do that?? Well, our bathroom still can squeeze 3 of us. I will take quick bath, after 2 of them enjoy playing water, I'll settle Lyon first (as scare she get cold if bathing too long). Quickly dress her up while Wien still in bathroom making her bubble & ballon! Later get Lyon standing near the washroom and wait for me settle for Wien. Lyon is good as she can stand there and queitly wait for us! See, I can get my bath too, although a bit rush la! No I dare not to leave them alone while me taking bath!


mumsgather said...

To save time, bathe together, eat together, everything oso together-gether.

Zara's Mama said...

me also.. sometimes just bath together with Zara.. but I cannot leave her alone.. so have to wipe her dry, change her, thn only wipe myself dry..

Sometimes I'll just let her sit in a dry tub and watch me, while I take my shower..

Mummy do things all must be very inovative one hor??

Lazymama said...

Same here! I bathe together with my girl most of the time.

But hard time drag her out from the bathroom, she love bathing so much!

Jason said...

Child porn... No!!! My eyes... :P

Hehe. Bath together can do mother and children bonding, not bad what. :P

kwloong said...

I cannot bath together with them as I have 1 boy. Later all sort of questions will come out.

Both have to get out the same time, if I take one out, he/she will want to go back in. I will pour all the water and say FINISH.


mom2ashley said...

i realised that after becoming a mommy, we tend to multi task better (better than you'd imagine) and become very creative in getting things done while taking care of baby...

Milly said... fun huh....!! last time i use to bath together with my mom.... fun....!!

Egghead said...

I guess is time for you to get one of those inflatable pool for them to bath together liao :)

Sabrina said...

i used to bath in the tub with my sis n nieces whenever we're on a holiday.hehe. now cannot liau. Additional in the family(keith) and the bath tub too small. Once in awhile I'll bath with Keith...Still small don't know anything yet..hehe..That's y ppl always say being a baby/toddler is the best get to see everything..hahaha

Jesslyn said...

sometimes also sleep together....

wah, let her watch u hah?? give her something to play lor..kekeke

yalor, so difficult to drag them out! hv to pull them out!!

No child porn? but u saw too rite?

girl too will ask all sort of questions!! Just answer her & educate her the same time!

yaya, same thought with u...but my hubby said sometimes I think too far, make myself tire only! sigh!

wei, u bath with your mum till what age hah?

That kind of pool need lot of water le! Later hubby make noise!

haha, sometimes hubby said wanna join us too!! :P

Anonymous said...

I bath together with Adrian everyday, unless special period (my menstrual).

Ricket said...

Ha... I can't bath with them, especially the elder one. Too many questions I dunno how to answer.

mIcHe said...

i wish my kiki is as *kuai* as your lyon. bathe 2gether can, but must carry her and shower together with me! belle will sit happily in the tub, playing with the bubbles too.

Tracy said...

I seldom use the bathtub to bathe Des cos I always have a hard time getting her out of it. Maybe, once in a blue moon, just let her play in it and she would be 'swimming' in it. I rather use the shower - faster dat way.

I don't like to take my bath with Des cos I love to take my own sweet time to bathe. Sometimes hubby will complain what I do in the toilet (takes me about 1/2 an hr. - 45 mins.) - cleanse, wash my face, brush my teeth, wash my hair, bathe, sometimes do 'big' business, aiyo, 1/2 an hr. is considered fast lor (heeheehee).

Allyfeel said...

Did you girls ask you "妈咪,为什么你的奶奶大大?" I remember when I bath with my son once, he stared at me then stared back at himself. :)

Jesslyn said...

one day during the "special period",we bath together. Wien keep asking me why why why..hehehe..I told her mummy is bleeding la, she scare le! haha!

of course u cannot la! me not allow daddy join the fun too!

carry her how to shower wor?? can demo to me? :P

aiyooo, 1/2 hr-45min in washroom? hubby making noise too whenever SIL take so long time in it!

jazzmint said...

wow so fun, u not scare they accidentally termakan the bubble? I always fear of I only let Faythe play plain water...I'll carry her out and put soap, rinse and put her back cause there are times I saw her attempting to drink from her bathing cup!!!

haha I also bath together with her sometimes, if maid is having dinner. She will look at me one kind, point to my nipple and laugh haiyooo...sometimes Daddy will do the bathing too :), while carry him and let the shower rundown...she loves it hahaa

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