Thursday, March 30, 2006

She bite me!

Yesterday near end office hour was heavy rain and the sky look so dark. I dun think I can drive back so soon, so I give a call to Wien. Me : Wei, heavy rain ler, mummy cannot go back now. Wien : Here not so heavy ah, drive slow slow la! Me : Mummy will be very wet then. My car might stuck half way if got flood. Wien : If stuck, tie one rope at your car and pull lor.. Me : hah? who is going to pull wor? Wien : papa lor......or call papa to drive u back lar.. Me : No lar, papa still working.....(blah blah blah)...ok la, now mummy go back and drive slow slow. Wien : mummy bye bye At the other end, I can hear Lyon talking too as she is holding another phone, but she just say Mee Mee, bye bye bye....

Reach home, saw Lyon shouting at gate : Mee Mee, Mee Mee, pau pau(抱抱), pau pau(抱抱)....Everyday she will greet me like that. Later Wien come to me and tell me mei mei bite her, then noticed her face(near her nose) got round red mark. Later found out she really kena biten by Lyon. I was so surprise, since when Lyon become so fierce? Then MIL tell me the whole story.... 2 of them were playing together, suddenly Wien hug Lyon and kiss her face, she will do these occasionally. But dunno what happen to Lyon, she bite jie jie, some where around the nose. Poor Wien cry loudly and look for MIL, then Lyon quickly run to SIL#1(she was there too). Normally Lyon will cry if she see Wien cry, but not this time; maybe she know she was wrong. When Wien go to MIL, MIL still dunno what happen to her as she keep crying, but she saw the very red mark near her nose. SIL#1 told her the whole story then. She soothe Wien and teasing her lucky not whole nose gone ler...hehehe I took this chance to tell Wien that, now mei mei got many teeth now, is time for her to revenge to her, since last time she like to bite mei mei too! Yeah, Wien bite Lyon few times before, out of jeolousy! I scold and smack her few times too becos of this bad habbit towards Lyon. At the same time, I told both of them, if anyone of them bite each other again, I am going to pull out their teeth. But Lyon seem like not understand what I said, she keep giggling to me. At night I try to snap Wien's face photo, but cannot see cleary the red mark as it's getting shallower by now.


Egghead said...

the bitting habit... learn from you one ah? LOL!

Zara's Mama said...

Zara also nowadays like to bite me and maid.. I'll scold her.. and said if she bite somemore.. nobody wants to carry her..
Then she'll run to us and said, "Soyee" (Sorry).

But after that.. forget again pulak. :|

Maybe their teeth gatal ah?

Tracy said...

Wien bit Lyon last time and now got bitten by Lyon instead. Maybe Lyon found dat jeh jeh's nose's very tempting and wanted to bite her nose but aiya missed. Tell Wien to bit Lyon back mar. Heeheehee, just kidding lar.

Ya lor, maybe the gums were very itchy and wanting to bite something and Wien was so unlucky to have kissed Lyon at the wrong time. Too bad for Wien. Luckily it wasn't deep.

kwloong said...

Hehehehe..can use teeth to fight, not bad. I am curious, what was going on Lyon's mind, when she bite Wien?

mIcHe said...

maybe hor...lyon geram her jie jie's chubby face...that's why cannot tahan, must bite! hehehe.

mumsgather said...

Ouch! I bite you, you bite me back and mummy bark at everyone. Haha.

Twinsmom said...

果然,这是狗咬狗的世界... kidding.

thanks goodness my twins never bite, otherwise... cham lor...

Jesslyn said...

yeah, learn from me perhaps, as I bite hubby sometimes..kekeke...kidding lar!

teething? dunno ler..maybe she too love her jie jie, then mai bite lor! to express how DEEP her love is..LOL

when wien is small, she only bite our shoulder when we carry her, but is teething time lar!
Hope Lyon bite becos of gatal..

I am curious why wien let her bite, can't she run away or push away Lyon?
we did ask her but she not explain further!

maybe she cannot tahan wien's flat nose, wanna bite & make it higher a bit gua..

their way of communication maybe!

your belles so kuai hor, never bite! I thot all kids will go thru biting phase ler!

Allyfeel said...

Oh, I teach my son by biting him back. kekeke....I am a cruel mommy. Now he hardly bite only biting his blanket.