Wednesday, March 22, 2006

小小歌唱家 - III

我家小小歌唱家又要大展歌喉啦,除了以下歌曲,也可以在这里这里听到其他的歌曲! 1. 牛儿不要叫 2. 太阳 3. 椰树 4. 小小一个球 5. 好司机 有听过吗?小姑教静维(Wien)唱的, 全都是小学生儿歌!


Twinsmom said...


Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. so cute! So clever ler Wien.

Egghead said...

training her to go into competition ah? Astro one?

Lazymama said...

Wien is good singer!

Her chinese name is very nice too!

Jesslyn said...


Zara's mama:
She love singing, that's why can pick up faster!

Astro? American Idol better lar! More international mah! LOL

chinese name given by papa too!

Tracy said...

Jess, whenever I allow Des to listen to Wien jieh jieh sing, she'll want to follow. Like last time when she heard Wien singing Bangun Pagi, she wanted to sing too and asked me to teach her. Now she can sing Bangun Pagi oredi. As for the songs in Chinese, very sorry, I'll tell her mommy don't know how to sing.

Wien's a very good singer and she's able to remember so many songs. Since she has the talent, why not send her to singing classes?

Jesslyn said...

Glad to hear Destinee want to learn to sing. I can do the translation in Han Yu Ping Yin if u want, just tell me which song she wanna sing! OK?

Never think of to send her to singing class yet, only think to send her for dancing class so far!

1+2mom said...

Wow she is good singer and she can she the chinese song so well. My son just know to sing the English song only for the chinese, i teach him he dunwan follow. Actually so many chinese children song i forgot liao..haha.

Allyfeel said...

I have never heard of these songs before ler. Her voice is sooo cute. Have you consider letting her be a kids singer hah? She is GOOD at it la. I can't wait for bb to sing me one complete song. ;)