Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Man" 来了!

"Man" 来了!"Man" 来了!(Man, is coming...!) Man = postman That's how my girls call postman. Well, when Wien is small, she cannot pronouce Postman properly, so we get her to say :Man....until now she still call like that, now Lyon follow the same too! Whenver Man is coming, Wien will go outside and collect letter from him, seem like our house doesn't has any mailbox hor. So now, the Man will horn his motorbike each time he reach our house, waiting for Wien to come out! After collected all the letters, she will pass to Ah Gong, telling him this is who and whose letter. Last time when she cannot recognise our name, she will ask PIL this is whose letter. Now she expert already, she will pass to correct person each time. Last Monday, she received some letters from Man, while she sorted out those letter, she noticed one envelope was written with her name. She was so happy, grab the envelope and tell MIL :Ma Ma, I also got letter from Man ler, you see, is my name ler....M-O-K, J-I-N-G, W-E-I(she spell out the name for Ma Ma).... When I am back, she quickly show me the envelope. It was her 4th year old birthday card from Dumex. The card was same as last year dolphin design too (last year one still stick on the fridge, she take down and put into same envelope). In fact Dumex every year will send her birthday card but dunno why this time can make her so happy with it! She ask me why Man wanna send her card. I told her becos she behave as good girl recently, so he just send u card lor. If she still behave, then will be more letter for her future. When papa is back, she also quickly go and showed him. She really happy throughout the day! Until today still well keep the envelope; open to see it from time to time. Just like last time when I received love letter from boyfriend (now hubby lar), happy all day and read the letter over and over again! She is exactly the same now! P/s: Dumex is good, although we do not drink Dumex powder, but they still send us newsletter and sample to us from time to time, even the birthday card too!


mIcHe said...

my postman will just "selit" our letter at our door grill...even when we are around. they are just lazy to wait for us to come to him. now hubby put up a letter box already. :)

Egghead said...

what about other Man? Roti man, police man, rubbish man....etc

later her life will be fill with man... LOL!

Tracy said...

Hahaha, Wien knew dat the letter was for her and can even spell out her name. So clever. Destinee can only recognise 'Destinee' but not her full name.

Twinsmom said...


mumsgather said...

My girl would be thrilled to receive letters addressed to her too! How come I drink my girl drink dumex but they never send her card. Hrrmmph! Must get on the mailing list. Haha.

Zara's Mama said...

Wien so clever.. can identify names already..

Not bad huh get birthday card from Dumex.. Actually what milk are the girls drinking now?

Potential Mom said...

M-O-K J-I-N-G W-E-I,

here is a letter for u...


u so clever lar.... hmmm... when is your birthday??

Lazymama said...

Wien calling man is very cute! :P

Me too got mailing from Dumex, MJ, Wyeth and Nestle though Yee Ching not their consumer! :P

Jesslyn said...

He still has many letter to deliver mah, not all Man will wait wan!

hehe...she got another term for rubbish man...just blog it later!

Try send one letter to Destinee, sure will make her happy!

狼来了, 我就惨了!

Ya, get into their mailing list.

Both of them taking MJ-Enfa milk. Next Wien going to receive b-card from MJ too!


Yeah, we too got the newsletter from others company though not their customer!

jazzmint said...

wah so nice got letter from Dumex...hmm how come I never get one gehh...must be MAN sudah makan the letter :p

kwloong said...

Give me your address, I will send Wien christmas, new year, CNY, birthday, Raya cards. :P Then she can filled up the fridge.

shiaulin said...

yeah my Xuan got the bday card from dumex too, big dumex fans here drank it since birth till now.

mu Xuan ABC also cannot recognize well, but can sing ABC song till the end... *sweat*

Potential Mom said...

okok... the real 1 will come..

but u must give jiejie 1st wor... cos jiejie's birtdhay on 14 of april wor...kekeke...

let jiejie call MAN MAN mah...ekekke

Jesslyn said...

Man not makan but keep in his house maybe..:P

wow, sure u wanna send her all these cards? ok, will email u my address later.

same as wien, can sing many chinese song but dun think she can recognised those word too!

ok, i get mummy to send u card, hope she not forget wor!

Allyfeel said... call every stranger man too. Wien so clever, can tell which letter for who? Whao, impressed!

Sure Happy lor, got birthday card for the first time from man. :) love letter, Can sleep or not at night? Hahaha...

Dumex has good marketing strategy.