Friday, March 10, 2006


Hubby prefer Wien to be more discipline, many things he wants her to do by herself instead of calling mummy for help; such as feed by herself, do homework, keep CD after watching, keep toys in original place after playing etc etc......(does he too strict to her?). If she is in good mood, she'll do all these.; else she'll start calling mummy mummy! If I go and help her, hubby will say me spoil her again! 左右为难! Few days ago, Wien pop out a very funny request! Till now we still teasing her on this. As usual, hubby remind her do her homework, she refuse. All sort of excuses were given to him. Hubby not accept, still continue nagging her. Later she come to me when hubby walk away... Wien : 妈咪,这个爸爸很坏咧,我要新爸爸!(Mummy, this papa very naughty ler, I want new papa!) Me : 哈?新爸爸?妈咪要去哪里找喔?(Hah? New papa? where to find?) Wien : 你去找啦!(You go and find one lah!) ...alamak!! this girl ha really one kind, this also she can think of.... MIL overheard what she said, she come and interrupt.... MIL : 有啊!叫大姑丈做你的新爸爸!大姑丈很疼你啊!(Got ah! Ask SIL#1's hubby be your new papa lor!) Wien : 不要大姑丈啦!( Dun want lah!)....giggling walk away.... Hubby told her that he is very sad when she say like that. Now if she demand anything from papa, papa will ask her to look for her new papa. Then she come and manja with me. I believe she regret what she had said now! Hehehe... But we still use this joke to tease her if she not behave.


Egghead said...

why treat her like that lah... don't lah :P

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. your hubby nag her until she wants new papa.. some more ask you to look for new one.. Terror your Wien!

Lazymama said...

I can't help but to laugh! Sorry ah!

Kids are still kids, who want to be nag all the time? By the way, mummy is always the good guy ah?

Potential Mom said...

wahahah.... next time will she tell papa then wan a new mama?? vice versa....wahahh..

kis always the innocent 1..wahah...cute idea...


shiaulin said...

aiyo, don't tease her liao lar. ur hubby so control on Wien wan ar? my hubby the other way round, he will ask me to scold/beat Xuan whenever he naughty. I am the bad guy :(

kwloong said...

Wah papa really tough on her, no wonder want new papa. :lol:


Tracy said...

Hahaha, daddy must have irritated Wien so much dat she wants a new daddy. Funny though cos how come she got the idea of having a new daddy. Poor daddy! Tell daddy dat if Wien's naughty, he'll get new Wien. Kekekekeke.

mIcHe said...

poor wien...stop blackmailing her lar...i know she really regretted saying those things :)

Twinsmom said...


Jesslyn said...

u sound like we mis-treat her ler...:(
No la, she is smart girl, she can take it wan!

Very surprise she said that to me oo!

ya, I am the good guy all the time! Until hubby said I spoil them!

Potential mum:
No no no, I dun think she'll ask for new mummy, I am very good to them!

Not control her la, but sometimes need to give her a lesson, else she will climb up our head!

your kids so kuai, so no need to discipline them like that hor!

tell u, I also feel he is irritating me too..:P

already stop teasing her now, becos each time we say like that , she cry!!


Ricket said...

I'm a father, I can feel your hubby's wound.

jazzmint said...

kekeke..kesian Papa..kena replace liao :P. I'm sure she don't mean it, but just at that time she thought can tukar father with no expenses :P

Allyfeel said...

Wah, hope she doesn't ask for a new husband when husband too strict for her when she grows up. :) What a cheeky lil fellow.

Jesslyn said...

my hubby wouldn't feel hurt one, he sure will use back the same trick onto her!

wow, u mean she thought can exchange at toys ha? LOL...
After that ask her again, she refuse to talk to us ler!

that one I wouldn't know, that's her family problem, go and settle by themself!