Friday, March 31, 2006

Good Morning + Night Night

Every morning Wien will greets us Good Morning once she wake up. It was taught by her Papa. Sometimes she'll forget, then papa or myself will remind her : 维,你忘记了哈?(You forgot what to say?)..... so every morning we can hear she say.... Good morning, papa! (if papa not yet out to office...) Good morning, mummy! Good morning, 小妹!(xiao mei) Good morning, Ma Ma , good morning, Gong Gong...(when she out from bedroom) ...sometimes she will give us a hug when she greet us.... Now Lyon seem understand Good Morning meaning, she will say the same too, but she could not say Good Morning properly. She only can say : Mor, Mor...then Wien & me will follow by: Ning, Ning...but this little fella just refuse to say the whole word, she keep repeating Mor, Mor, then wait for us to say Ning, Ning...then keep giggling to us....

During bedtime, Lyon refuse to sleep nowsaday.
As usual, I will give her a wipe before sleep, that's her night routine. When I bring her to bathroom, she seem can sense it's bedtime now; she refuse to let me carry her, run to Ma Ma instead. Have to pursuade her many times, sometimes I just grab her from MIL, regardless her crying. When she is in bathroom, she stop crying as she can play with water mah. But after I bring her to room to change into her pyjamas, she start crying. This time she refuse to wear diaper, no matter how I pursuade her also useless. So I just bring her to living room, let her have milk first with nake bottom. While she drinking milk, I try to put on diaper, sometimes it work but recently she sit up and start yelling, not allow me to touch her some more....headache! After milk, she quickly run to MIL, hoping Ma Ma will rescue her. MIL pat her and cuddle her, after a while I try to grab her, she cry even louder! *sigh*
Last night she cry again when I try to grab her from MIL, I just dun care! As it already 10pm+, cannot delay anymore. But funny things is she still will waive Night Night to everyone although she is crying...


Egghead said...

10+ only ah? my son sometimes go up to 12am or 1am ler... we all wake up like panda only :(

Zara's Mama said...

clever already Lyon.. want to play don't want to sleep huh?

Yesterday I met a 10mth old baby, wah, got eye bags one. Her mum said she refuses to sleep or nap, always wants to play, so end up eyes like panda. You tell Lyon la, don't sleep after not pretty liao.

Blogie-Talkie said...

all kid do the same,mine too.
For me, I use timer, give my boy to prepare himself once the timer is ringing.
We give him a time usually 5 minutes, sometime he will negotiate how long he need, it's ok if not too long.
It's work great after few pratice...My sister in law thought me this tricks.
Should blog about this, ya,,, Inspiration has just rise at midnite, (our time over here)....go go go

Jesslyn said...

she up from nap is abt 4pm, so by 9-10pm she should go to bed liao, else will become cranky. After settle her I need to settle Wien, so better quick quick send her to room!

ya, she become smarter now, though look like 小不点!
10mth got eye bag? must be something wrong with her I think.

sound good hor!
ok, will work on Wien first as she always say : wait, wait! let me finish this carton first! let me finish this puzzle first!
as for Lyon, I think she too small to understand the alarm concept!

mom2ashley said...

she's gettng smarter by the day huh!

1+2mom said...

Kids all the same lar!!!My son last time till 1am plus dunwan sleep and cry till my MIL come and carry him up and down. He said want to go outside play somemore *sign*. Later she grow up more easy to handle. Luckily my gals not my son type if not twins i dunno how to manage them. When the time to sleep they will follow me go sleep..easy.

Jesslyn said...

dunno her smarter getting from milk powder (DHA) or from our genes..hehehe..

1+2 mom:
yeah, they just like to play, play & play!
your twins so kuai hor, easy life for u...

kwloong said...

Poor you or should I say poor Lyon. She is like me, wanna stay up at night.

Tracy said...

Wien has been well taught to be so polite to greet everybody in the morning. Destinee has been taught umpteen times but she just seems to forget or don't know whether she's just being plain lazy ... sigh ...

Lyon's so cute. Just say "Mor" and she knows dat u all will continue with the "Ning". Hahaha.

Wah, Lyon goes to sleep so early at 10 pm+?

I always get Destinee into the room at 11 ish but she'll be playing and singing until or sometimes over 12 midnite. I don't know why she's so active. I just wonder, moving and playing around the whole day she's still not tired. Sometimes got to 'force' her to sleep.

shiaulin said...

Xuan also like that, when he meet with stranger he refuse to talk to them and even refuse to look at them, but once we ask him to bid good bye he will do it happily. :D

blurblur said...

Wow, you teach them well leh..

It would depends on Damien's mood when he wakes up in the morning, if his mood is good,then he'll greet us happily lor, if not...nothing will come out from his 'golden mouth'..;p

Lyon very smart, know how to use mama as her 'shield'..hehe

Jesslyn said...

mummy will not let her be night owl one, sure will drag her to bedroom even she cry! Must train her liao!

wien sleep very late too(11pm+), she keep saying want to wait mei mei sleep liao only want to sleep! kek si!

waive bye to stranger meaning that he no longer see them mah, smart boy la Xuan!

not me but hubby!
not in good mood also have to greet! cannot skip this!(hubby say wan)

Contented Mum said...

Qi Ning also same as Lyon, time to bed, she won't stay still for me to change her, will run round the room. I have to catch her and look staright to her eyes and tell her mummy angry then she will comply!

jazzmint said...

mor cute :P.

Faythe also becomes very active when it's time to sleep, she will run up and down in the room and start to shift thingd around lately!! She even pretend to sleep on the floor haiyoo...

So what we usually do is just switch off all lights and I pretend to sleep, and sometimes I'll smack her thighs if she still doing gymnastics on the bed. Dun understand where they get so much energy from esp. when it's already sleeping time.

Allyfeel said...

hahaha...Lyon is such a cute little girl. I guess as her awarness grow, she find everything interesting and hence refuse to hv her eye shut. :)