Wednesday, March 29, 2006


小歌手:静维 指导师 :爸爸 这是爸爸花了将近一个月的时间,训练静维唱的。间中也有一些好笑的小插曲,例如发音不准,唱走调等等, 爸爸都析述给我听, 因为我没和他们一起练习唱; 当他们在练习时,大部分时间我在陪小妹睡觉。 现在我将这首歌寄送给天下父母, 有空的话,不妨教你的儿女唱吧! 这也是我最喜欢的校园歌之一! p/s: papa spent almost one month to teach Wien sing this song. Most of the when they practise singing, I was in the room accompany Lyon to sleep. At the begining, Wien cannot sing well, many funny wording come out as well as wrong tune, papa said it's funny when he heard that! Again, I miss those moment! Now, we dedicate this song to all the parents out there, if you are free, teach your kids sing it. I love this song too during school life! 快乐天堂 大象长长的鼻子正昂扬 全世界都举起了希望 孔雀旋转着碧丽辉煌 没有人能够永远沮丧 河马张开口吞掉了水草 烦恼都装进它的大肚量 老鹰带领着我们飞翔 更高更远更需要梦想 告诉你一个神秘的地方 一个孩子们的快乐天堂 跟人间一样的忙碌扰攘 有哭有笑当然也会有悲伤 我们拥有同样的阳光


Egghead said...

nice song... I learned it during one of the camps I attended :)

Zara's Mama said...

Eh.. next time Astro got small kids competition, can ask Wien to sing liao.

I haven't heard of this song before ler. ;(

Twinsmom said...

Oh... I love this song, listen to it most of the time during school day :D, love it, so nice.

Potential Mom said...

wahhaha... last fe days only i dowlaod this song... and send it for my fren...!! wahha..cut elar wien..

Blogie-Talkie said...


Jesslyn said...

Thot u never heard can teach your son to sing lor!

Dunno she will be chicken out or not when come to competition!

Surprise u never heard it, quite a popular school song!

Yeah, very nice song! Teach your belles sing, 一唱一和,多好啊!


Allyfeel said...

Hey, this song sounds so familiar. Haha...aiyooo so young make her sing such long songs already. But she really did a good job. :) Bravo!