Saturday, March 18, 2006

My version of Creativity

Saw Michelle's post on creativity, I wanna "steal" her copy right reserved. Hahaha... I have similar photos of the box too! Taken when Wien is about 1 year+. We bought a new washing machine, then hubby cut the box, to make a house for Wien. He even wrote house number on it. Her house got 2 side window and one main door! She like it very much, even drink her milk inside the house! Another creativity is come from Wien and Hui Ying jie jie. They use rubber mat to design their "own car"! This was done when Wien is 2 years old. She look different from now, how time flies ya! She is 4 this year. I think I should post more of her baby photos.


Potential Mom said... much fun hor...!!

Lazymama said...

Wien looks so cute when she was younger!

The 1st picture does look like Lyon too!

jazzmint said...

hey..both of them look so alike lahh...

nice house..i'm still looking to build one for faythe, lemme go curi a big box first :P

Tracy said...

Lyon looks so much like Wien leh but more chubby looking. Ya lor, how time flies, Wien's going to be exactly 4 years old soon.

I always wanted to keep the big big boxes to make something out of them but every time ... aiya ... just couldn't find a place to store them and finally had them discarded instead.

kwloong said...

I didn't know can build with those ABC mat. I must try.

Twinsmom said...

where you all find this big big box leh? I also want one very very big one, then can only sit two people.

Zara's Mama said...

So nice man Lyon's house.. I also must go find a big box for Zara to play liao..

The car is cute too.. so creative! Wien was so small huh back then? Look at her now, really big jiejie. Yeah, show us older photos more!

Egghead said...

this means I have to build my son his own FORT already... hard to be a parent huh!

Contented Mum said...

So creative ya, recycle the box and come out with inexpensive toy for the kids. I must leave that leh. Wien and Lyon look quite alike when young ya.

mIcHe said...

haiya...i gave away those rubber mat to my SIL recently. should have kept it and build stuff for them. :(

Jesslyn said...

potential mom;
should say kids nowadays very lucky, last time my time where got this thing?

Look alike meh? I feel they are different ler!
hehe...i also feel Lyon is more cute than Wien!

curi from office? better beware wor! :P

the big box only can last for few days la, surely after few times playing with it, they will destroy it wan! so no worry, it take up your space, u just hv to tahan for say 3-5 days only!

hahaha, now your turn to pay me fee!
Happy trying!

see, i give u idea to do thing for Zara to play!

not hard to be parent la, just hv to be more creative!

contented mum:
FOC yet give so much fun to them, no harm to try for Qi Ning!

aiyah, why give away so early! Bet your girls still love to play with them la!

Allyfeel said...

Wow! Unbelievably Cool! Really creative ler. :P

Jesslyn said...

Quick quick make one for Bb to play now!

Twinsmom said...

yeah... I found the big big box LOL...