Saturday, June 09, 2007

5 ideas to bake cakes with kids

Hey, I always want to bake cakes together with my girls, must most of the time they end up mess up my kitchen, sometimes my steps too! However I am going to follow below ideas to improve the situations.

Dump all the ingredients in a resealable bag, seal it, and let your child mix the batter by squishing it up. Cut a corner of the bag to pour batter out.

Think beyond sprinkles. Let your child place gummy bears, animal crackers, peanut brittle, and other fanciful treats on the cake.

Use food coloring to teach about colors. If making orange, let your child add the yellow and red drops to the bowl, then stir until the mixture becomes the desired color.

Cut fun shapes out of a sheet cake using cookie cutters.

Turn zip-sealed plastic bags into a pastry bag. Cut a tiny corner off to let just enough icing flow so kids can write on their cakes