Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't speak rojak to me

Frankly I dislike people talk rojak language to me, half english, half malay or half mandarin, half english. Hey, can't you speak proper language to me? I am not like rojak. Did you aware that when you speak rojak language like that, will make me hard to catch what you are trying to tell me?

I really not understand why these people prefer to talk that way? Try to show off that they can speak English? If yes, please speak English in full conversation but not mix mix like rojak. Hubby and I did not talk rojak language to the girls too, and they speak fluent and pure Mandarin which we proud off. Their English is not good, but this is not important to us, coz one day for sure they will speak fluently as us too! However some parents' mind is differ from us, and I don't want to argue this point with them too! They have their one opinion, and I am not going to elaborate more.

Please speak/talk proper language to me, please!


May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Ai yaya,, aparently a lot of Malaysian do that isn't it? This is the beauty of being Malaysian, I think.
Being a immigrant to Canada, I am quite proud to know many people preceived Malaysian are very talented in multiple languages spoken people, I sort of admit but I can only speak for myself here of what I think here.
I admit I can read and write at least 3 languages, but I can't master one of them(broken languages in all), however I feel as long as I can communicate(written and verbally) with others to work and to live with others, it's a plus(I read signs, I can read menu in Chinese and English, Malay too, I can talk to people in normal and casual conversation, I can write a broken report and still got points,,,I felt I am doing fine so far). I am not book smart person, but a survivor lor..My standard is low only because I know my limit. (perhaps I have no vision slack off person qua,, hahaha.. peace...)
I guess most Malaysian are like me, an average student in School, who manage to learn as much as possible and can apply "our maximum" back in life and live the life, is a street survivor. This is why they are mixing up the languages. I admire your talent in languages skills, but not everyone as smart as the others, maybe that is why people are talking half of this and half of that qua..Give changes lar..

Anonymous said...

should we proud of speaking english? haha!

Vien said...

Aiks, I speak rojak wor. Sei lor, gum ley mei em choy ngor lor!

miche said...

Sometimes I mix Malay with English when i speak to my girls. like dress i would say "baju". at first they follow me but lately, Belle has been correcting me! "Mommy, it's dress, not baju." I wonder who taught her and she's attending Chinese kindy not SmartReader kindy!