Friday, June 01, 2007

I want to look prettier!

Sometimes I am very envy those celebrities having good looking and nice face features. I told my hubby if I have extra money, for sure I’ll undergo plastic surgery to do facelift coz parts of my face tend to drop, sag and develop wrinkles at this age. Also if possible I wish to do a little bit of breast enlargement. However, as I know the cost for plastic surgery is not cheap.

I heard that los angeles plastic surgery, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery provides us with exceptional surgical care – safely, professionally, and at a reasonable price. They’ll provide procedures that best suit to each patient in order to reach best results.

Another good part of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is the founder; Dr. Lloyd Krieger has put in effort to do extensive research on how to make plastic surgery offices more efficient and customer friendly. So that customer wouldn’t feel the surgery place like a hospital and it look more like a hotel. It gives us so much comfortable as compare to other places.

I will consider do my plastic surgery at Rodeo Drive since they quoted reasonable price for the plastic surgery cost. Oh ya, I might as well go for Beverly Hills breast enlargement at the same time, so that I can save on travel cost, rather than in future I have to go again and spend again on flight cost.


shaz said...

i think plastic surgery is not the way to go no matter how bad it is be good to your self how you are it will make you a stronger person aswell