Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Less offer from TigaP

Lately I did not manage to take up 3 posts in a day for TigaP, due to less offers now; also many offers were rejected blogspot to advertise for them. I knew it's time for me to go ahead my own domain setting but I still dilly dally about it, I also dunno why I behave like that. I clearly know that I am no longer can post for TigaP with blogspot one day, yet I still did not take further action to proceed my buying process. Weird me. Wait till one day I totally cannot take any post from TigaP , then only I scream for HELP! LOL

Oh ya, another great news from TigaP . Now they have color to differentiate post that had fully taken up, so can save me lot of time as I no need to keep refreshing my button to check any available post. Once I saw the grey color, I know I should not aiming for it, it means those posts have been fully reserved.....for 6 hours!