Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mash Potatoes

I love to eat KFC's mash potatoes, same goes to my 2 girls. I ever tried to do DIY it but the result not so good, always fail for the gravy. The ingredients is easy, just add 800g potatoes, unpeeled, 40g butter, 100ml hot milk, salt and pepper to taste.

The gravy that I learn from cyber kuali are 30g butter, 30g plain flour, 300–320ml fresh chicken stock, 1 tbsp beef/chicken stock granules, Salt and pepper to taste and 1 tsp prepared mustard. Just mix all into the bowl.

I did not take any picture of my end result coz the appearance not so good to me. I will do again until I reach my expectation. Perhaps I should add some oyster sauce into the gravy. :)