Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Office furniture

One of my colleague going to resign soon, he had been with this company for 7 years and he told me he wish to start own business and try his luck. Well, since he has his own mission and target, so I don’t think I can stop him from resign though we are good buddy in work place. However I told him it is not easy to start business nowadays and he really need to do proper market research.

Now he is busy searching for proper location to start his small business, after that he needs to search for office furniture as well as office accessories like shredder machine, racks, office chair mate etc. He try to search those office furniture online, hoping can get a good great from and save some of the cost. He found an Online Office Furniture Retailer, Saxen.co.uk from internet which offers plenty of categories for furniture, such as office furniture, filing cabinet & storage, reception furniture, screens & partitions, office accessories and stationery. The best part is they also provide installation services to their customer.

My colleague is going to order some of the furniture from Saxen since it has wide range of office furniture and accessories at exceptional prices! If he is satisfy with their products, he is going to order more for his franchise if any.