Thursday, June 07, 2007

Safety Store

I got an offer from SR, looks tough for me coz the advertiser request me to criticize their website and me not good at all in criticizing anything. However I’ll try my best to do my review. The website of is an established safety equipment store from OnlineStores.con. It is a leading online retailer with several other stores.

The store sells a wide range of safety equipment, including hard hats, safety goggles, first aid kits, safety glasses, gloves, safety harnesses and many more. Ok, let me start commenting about the website layout. Firstly, I would like to comment on the image/logo pertaining to Yahoo Shopping Top Service which is positioned at the left bottom corner of the website. To me, this is not the best position coz customer might not able to see image/logo clearly due to the position is low in the website. Plus the wording also very small and not obvious enough to most of us. Since this is the honor granted by Yahoo Shopping, I would suggest putting it on the top left corner, right before the shop online category. If possible, try to edit the font to become one size bigger in order to catch more customer attention.

The check out session look less attractive and plain, it seem like old fashioned web design. You only can continue shopping by clicking the Keep Shopping button; I would suggest to make the with logo image on top, to be live, so that customer can click that image to go back to main menu.

So far, this is what I observed for the website design and information. I am sincerely hoping this is constructive to you.