Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shopping online

Hey, why wait for sale? Now we also can buy discounted items using promo codes from CouponChief.com. It is an online shop which allows us to shop with coupon codes or coupons. There are more than 1000 merchants listed in Coupon Chief, I am sure you’ll able to find your favorite merchant.

With discounted coupon codes, I can always order gift baskets for my oversea friends during any occasions. It is so much easier and cost saving too! Other than that, one of my favorite stores to shop apparel for myself is Target, whereby I can get $5 if my purchases are over $50.00 besides the Free shipping! That’s a huge saving to me!

Lately Coupon Chief added some feature of "how-to" screencast for of their top merchants like Target, Gap, Amazon, kohl's, joann.com, home depot, dell, and best buy. Enter the website and check it out by yourself now!