Saturday, December 15, 2007

Save the world

The earth is getting warm. I believe most people can feel it from recent unusual climate change and they are aware the consequences if the world temperature is not properly managed.

Yes, it is the effect of global warming. It is the by product of human activities such as open burning, deforestation uncontrollable resource consumption. In short, human being is the one that destroy the future world.

Fortunately, more and more peoples started to aware their responsibilities and the need of protecting the environment. Environmental friendly on Eco friendly has become the trend of future lifestyle. I am one of them actively involve in the wave of environmental protection. Let me tell you, due to lack of education and publicity of environmental protection related topic, most of the environmental protection today are limited to recycling of disposable waste. Not many peoples know that the green house effect cause by carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission play an important role in global warming.

We generate more than tons of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from open burning, transportation as well as electric power generation. Don't ever thought electricity is a cleaner source of energy to replace the foresail fuel. The non Eco friendly gases emitted by the electric power generation plant is directly proportional to the rate of electricity that you consumed.

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