Thursday, December 20, 2007


I noticed lots of blogger start playig around with scrapping. They had downloaded the freebies templates from internet and start scrapping for their kids photos. I really wish to learn from them coz I am fascinated over the nice and lovely scrapping image done by them. Some of them very clever in putting some words as caption. It will be lots of fun and exciting experience for me if I will to learn using scrapping software.

Too bad, I am not good at forming any caption for my photo. I don't have creative mind to think of funny and humor caption actually. Perhaps I should seek help from The Bubblenator whereby it will help me to “bubblenate” my photos with funny captions. I was told it is pretty simple and easy to use it.

All you have to do is upload your picture to the website, either using Flickr or Yahoo photos services that are available on the net. Get the code and enter the link to Bubblenator, add some 'speech bubbles' wherever you prefer in your picture. You can put up to 3 bubbles for a photo. Add in your own funny captions for each bubble. Once all these had been done, it will show you a HTML code that you can use to put your captioned image onto your web page or blog.

Sound exciting, right? Why wait? Try it now!

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