Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yesterday received a phone call from one of the local customer, telling me that his area (Kuantan) is severely affected by flood. Many outsiders cannot enter the city as well as cannot get out from the city too. They have to stay in the house or hotels waiting for the flood to go off. So now his company is urgently need some automotive parts from us, he is telling me another direction to reach his office. Too bad, it sound so complicated for me coz I am not familiar with Pahang route. I am teasing why not I send a helicopter to your place; it will be much easier to locate your area. LOL….anyway, he know I am joking with him.

In fact I am pity one of hubby’s colleague who from Kuantan too. It had been many weeks she did not go back hometown due to flood. She misses her family members dearly. Imagine I am in her shoe...I will have the same feeling as her too!