Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Solve your parking problem

My hubby's company facing short of parking lot problem. This is due to they have more than 4000 staffs and operators working under the roof and majority of them are driving vehicle to work. If they go to work early, then they can secure themselves a parking lot which is near to office. If they are late and lucky then they have to park their car far away from office and need at least 15 min walking distance. Well, if they are unlucky, then they have to park the car at private parking space and the charges not cheap I tell you. Due to all these, my hubby has to go out to work early in morning, just to ensure himself manage to get a free and convineance parking space for his car.

I think if his working area has the service of renting a parking space or Garage for Rent like what Park Let did, then he will has less headache about all these. Park Let able to offer a private parking space or garage for an affordable monthly fee. The rental prices are cheaper if compare to season ticket, contract parking, or local storage companies.

By the way, if you have spare parking space or garage, you can look for Park Let to assist you do the renting service. They'll provide a fully managed and insured letting service including finding the tenant, preparing contracts, and monthly rental collection. You can just sit tight and wait for the experienced team in Park Let to resolve your case.

This post brought to you by Park Let.