Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Relaxing at Florida

Usually many career people like me will try to clear our annual leave at year end. Till date I still have 6 days of annual leave wait for me to take as we are not allow to carry forward the balance leaves to next calendar year.

As I know one of the blogger now spends her vacation at Hawaii and she even blog from Waikiki occasionally. Wow, how nice if I can be like her. Travel to Hawaii needs lot of money actually, let alone I have to bring along my 2 girls. I think I only manage to arrange a trip to Florida and spend the nights at Florida Holiday Villas since this packages still fall within my budget.

I will check out Lowerys Vacation Homes as my hotel accommodation since they are THE SPECIALISTS in providing Florida rental accommodation. Hopefully I am able to find a good quality hotels with affordable rates.