Sunday, December 30, 2007

how come no earn money?

We took LRT to KL Central on Sunday.

As usual, during afternoon time, the train will be crowded. Lot of people are taking train at that time, after their shopping spree hour at MV or other places. I still managed to get a seat cos I have 2 girls tag along. Well, this is not my reason to blog about it. My concern is why the LRT company claimed that they cannot make money from LRT. You can see the place is so crowded with people, how come they can said they are making a loss? Haiz....just don't understand how they manage the operation. If pass to Chinese to manage the operation, I think will be another story again. Btw, I am not bias them.


Tot's Mom said...

First time here. Came from Jo-N's blog.
I used to take the LRT to work those days when I was in KL. When it just began operations, no crowd but over the years, more & more people began to use it. Time they add more carriages, I think.
By the way, Happy NEw Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

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