Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rare bird in office?

No joke. My boss just told me that he use our upstairs office lot to rare birds and to “produce” bird nest.

My office building has 2 floors, all of us seated at ground floor, whereas upstairs stay vacant since they move to this building. Previously our Board of Directors will use the upstairs room for chitchatting after the Exco meeting, but now they seldom go to upstairs. The floor is totally vacant and some department even stored their old documentation at upstairs. Look like it will become a store room soon. What a waste!

So in order not to waste the floor, my boss decided to use it for bird’s home. He wants to “produce’ bird nests and sell, and earn money from it. Frankly I am not welcome this idea. Imagine an office building but become a bird nest production center. Will it dirty the place or more noisy?? Eee….the office will not look like office soon!


snoopy said...

Hey, Jess are you sure he want to have bird nest on the top floor?...hehe can get free bird nest lei..