Friday, December 21, 2007

Spend your Valentine at Paris

Before marriage, we celebrate Valentine's Day almost every year. During that time, we are able do so coz we have the freedom. Unlike now, we are tied up with kids and hardly can find time to spend two person world now. I know I can ask my parent in law's help to look after them while me taking the Valentine dinner with hubby, however I just could not do that coz I will feel guilty for leaving them at home. I will keep thinking of them and I will not enjoy the romance moment with hubby too.

Yeah, I am bad. I should not think this way. Once a while, leaving them to parent in law should be alright. Perhaps I should organize a very special Valentine's Day in year 2008. what about valentine's break in Paris? Paris is a romantic city in Europe, many loving couple would love to visit this country if financial allow, including myself too!

If fail to spend valentine's day in Paris, maybe we can try out Caribbean romance. We can enjoy the sandy beach as well as windy environment there. If you prefer city break, you also can consider spending your valentine's day at Prague. I think I should start searching for places to stay during our valentine's day in 2008. sometimes if we are lucky, we'll able to get an attractive package from internet. is the best site to look for holiday rentals coz it is UK's leading holiday rentals website and have an inventory of over 45,000 properties to chose from worldwide.