Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Insurance agent

I am outspoken person and many had told me that I can try to become an Insurance Agent. Well, I know myself very well. Though I am easy going and friendly type (ahemm) but I don’t think I can enter insurance field. My bargaining power and convincing skill not as strong as other. To me, it is very tough to become an Insurance Agent since this job need you to meet a lot of people then only you got the chance to get your business deals. You have to be an extrovert and good in handling public relation too.

Other than that, we need a good Insurance Marketing service that can make help us achieve our target, then only we will have chance to become a successful insurance agent. The service will guide us how to look for more business leads as well as good quality leads. I was told those insurance agents originally was not good agents too but after few round of practices and training, then they become expert in no time. Perhaps I can try to consider enter this field if I wish to resign from my current job one day. I can do it in part time basis with the help from insurance marketing like QuotesAuction.com.

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