Monday, December 17, 2007

They are still small

I know one day my children will leave once they grow up, either further study in abroad country or working in another state if they ever find a good job there. However I still wish they can still with me when they are in college or university level. As you know, society now not so safe anymore. We can always hear and read from newspaper about crime or criminal cases almost everyday. If my children did not stay with me, I will feel very worry and I don't think I can have a good night sleep too. To me, they are still small even though it is time to let them to be more independent.

I told my hubby that perhaps we should let them study online degree offer by Capella University, so that they will still stay with us during study time. See, with the advancement of internet, they can do the study and revision via online. It is so convineace and easy now. More ever I still can keep an eye with them!

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