Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Which one to choose?

I yet to make up my mind which type of garden swing to buy, steel type or wooden type? Frankly I love both type, if my garden is big enough, I think I will buy 2 units! LOL...don't say I am crazy lar. It is really fun to sit and swing on garden swing I tell you.

During my childhood, I am so jeolous (ya, is jeolous not envy) my neighbour house has swing but our house don't have any. We are from low income family, my parent surely not afford to buy such luxury item to us. Some of you might say the swing not expensive mah, why not afford? don't know my situation at that time, hard to explain here too. Due to this reason, I become a thrift person, and I will not simply spend like others. I will think twice and spend rationaly.

Now I am afford to buy things I like, once a while I will pamper myself as well as my family member. I will try my best to let my mom enjoy the best food and best things in market if any. I want to make up for my way.


snoopy said...

I love the wooden one, which looks more olden day. But I thk kids today like something like cyber design.