Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ah Pek Pyjamas

During childhood time, my mum will sew pyjamas for us. She like to buy fabric that come with stripe, never never buy those flowery and carton design wan, I dunno why! That’s why I use to call this kind of sleep wear as Ah Pek shirt. But we still wear it without any complaint! She never buy us pretty sleep wear, due to poor financial and want to save cost . But she will buy us new dress or shirt during CNY, maybe she worry we might feel jealous if see neighbour kids wear nicely during the festive. I cannot remember since when she stop sewing pyiamas for us; perhaps after she saw us just wear T-shirt and long pants to sleep Now look at my girls’ cloth collection (or even toys collection), I really feel they are so lucky as compare to my time. Yeah, some of you might think: aiyah, dun compare la, now is what century liao!.... MIL has many collection of fabric in her wardrobe, all well keep. I dunno she keep them since when. Since I move to this house I already see those collections. Once a while she will took out some and pass to me, ask me do dresses or shirt for the girls if free. Sometimes she will DIY for the girls too! She uses the stripe design fabric and makes one set sleep wear for Wien. Wien so happy once it is done, wear it almost everyday during bedtime. After the wipe, she’ll tell she wants to wear the Ah Pek pyiamas. Right picture : Pyjamas DIY by her Ma Ma. I never DIY this kind of pyjamas, as most of the time I will just buy for them. But after see she so happily wearing it, I tempted to make one for her. So MIL dig out from her wardrobe again, found another piece of 100% cotton fabric, she pass to me. The design not attractive and pretty at all, but never mind since this is my first attempt to make it, the result may not turn out good. Just use it as testing. If ok, then only I buy a better design one. After spend few nights, finally the Ah Pek pyjamas is done. I make some ruffle at the pant's bottom, Wien said look like clown (小丑)shirt ler...hehehe...she also love it very much! Now almost every bedtime she will look for it! Left: she posted like a model, although we keep asking her to stand properly... Right: sipping her milk using straw+ musical mug (but no music now, spoil already!) Next I am going to buy cotton fabric and do a pretty pyjamas for her, as one of her coming birthday present!


jazzmint said...

wahh so nice lerr....home sewn baju. My mom also used to sew pyjamas for me :).

eh, she's very pandai posing hoh...can be model hehehe..

how bout lyon lehh, no home made pyjamas?

Zara's Mama said...

Eh.. actually I like these kind of pajamas you know.. even now.. purposely go & buy.

If you go & look at those shops selling ladies lingerie, this kind of pajamas can sell RM100 like that one ler.. Of course I won't buy la.. I buy cheaper one.. still RM40 like that for a pants.

Potential Mom said...

wahwahwah....pyjamas...i got alot set... all also in skirt type.. keke.... can say everyday i got more than half day is very pyjamas..... after i back from skul, i will wear it... feel so good after wear it...

u like to sew hor..... can sew 1 for me ar? my present also mah... kekeke

shiaulin said...

eh I like this type of pyjamas actually, very comfy. 100% cotton and stripe is the simpliest design, yet traditional look. too bad i dunno sewing, if not i sure make one for my Xuan too. :(

Lazymama said...

Very nice pyjamas! Wien looks like a professional model!

kwloong said...

Yeah I have one of those strip pyjamas with very cooling cotton, when I was young.

Now my children cannot wear those becoz we on the air-cond to sleep, with those, sure get cold in the morning.

blurblur said...

Wow, the pjs look nice and comfy leh..

I like to wear this type of pyjamas too! but Damien don't really like, i bought 1 set for him, and everytime i put it on for him, he'll tell me: not nice, mummy, i want to wear the other one!got thomas train one! :x

Allyfeel said...

Nice pyjamas ler, mommy so talented, now u made me jealous. hehe....Ei..where can I get those musical sipping cup? I want to get one for bb, he still like to suck from bottle la.

Anonymous said...

Wien & Lyon so 辛福, Mummy can sewn so many type of clothes.
I like this kind of pyjamas too.

ZMM : I bot from Thailand, only rm15/pair, one time bot 5pairs.

Kampungkai said...

look at her mug! it's so huge! hahaha.. no more milk bottles nowadays? latest fashion/way of drinking milk through mug issit?

Egghead said...

got potential to become part-time model :)

Jesslyn said...

now when want to snap photo for her, she got all kind of funny faces, just refuse to smile geram!
So far no sew for lyon ler, mummy will buy for her & also still got many hand-me-down from wien...but i will make for her sooner & later lar..

so expensive hor! but i hardly wear now as I prefer camisole & short...hehehe

wow..u wear it more than half day har? u sleep all the time kah?
maybe i can make dress for u la, as top need lot of measurement lar. But maybe cannot make it on time for your BD la!

u still can buy for him lor if u want! china a lot too!

this pro model sometimes refuse we take her photo ler..she say: i am busy now, dun take la! lol

adjust the temperature lor, or cover with blanket! but most kids will kick the blanket la, including my girls!

your son prefer the carton type rite?

bought it in gift shop, but very fast spoil lar! we use it to encourage her cup instead of bottle & it work wonderfully !

RM15 is quite cheap though! u can buy again in your coming holiday!

hehe...ya lor, milk bottle run out stock now!
Not huge la, just normal mug!

she only become part-time model at home, some more no money

mIcHe said...

you can sew! i envy your children lar...:P

i used to wear those stripes pjs when i was young, sewn by my mom too.

seeing your girls so pretty in it, i might wanna ask my mom to sew some for my girls too. :D

chanelwong said...

Jeriel's nanny'monther (Aunty Poh Poh) sew one pyjama with those stripes but in orange and dark red colour...Yup it is comfortable..

So nice that you pick up sewing...handmade...