Monday, April 17, 2006

Messy/Dirty Lyon

Let's pictures tell the story.... Lyon likes to use pen nowadays, whenever she saw Wien writing or do the coloring, she would request one for herself. After pass her the pen, she would request for paper. So we just give her and let her 涂涂写写, in fact this will make her sit still for quite some times. But this naughty girl sometimes will do some tatto on her body, especially on her legs. These pic taken when she is 13 months. These were taken on 16/04/06. Can see the improvement as compare to previous pic, so many lines and the lines so long too! According to FIL, she grab the pen from his pocket and starts tattoo-ing her legs, she refuse FIL to stop her some more! Eeeee, whose hand so dirty?? These pictures were taken at my mum's place. Evening time, I let the girls play at the car park, they run here and there. After some times, papa spotted Lyon's hand so dirty, guess she must be rubbing on the floor. So he wanna snap photo for it. But Lyon refuse papa do so, she keep pushing away papa's hand while papa holding her hand. After few try, still not successful; so papa get Wien to hold her hand. Then this messy girl start crying loud. Later Wien put some small flowers on her palm, only she stop crying!! hehe..


Lazymama said...

hehe, Yee Ching likes to draw on her body too. Not only that, she drew on my leather sofa and the stains couldn't be removed....awww!

mom2ashley said...
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mom2ashley said...

that's when they discover that they're hands do not necessarily be white/beige

Tracy said...

Wuah lau eh! Nice tattoos (heehee). Must teach her not to write on 'forbidden' places else u'll be having a hard time washing her, painting the walls and changing furniture lor (hahahah).

Aiyo, I thought those were chocolate on Lyon's little fingers. Arrrrr ... Lyon's so dirty ... tsk, tsk, tsk. Must beat beat her little palm.

Contented Mum said...

hahaha, that's is their master peice. My Qi Ning also like to do tatoo on her leg or hands. I have to constantly remind her to only draw on the paper!

Egghead said...

I am sure she will be getting her own tattoo very soon! LOL!

Zara's Mama said...

Be careful.. She may grow up to do real body tattoo on herself..

Mummy get ready for the shock.. :P

Allyfeel said...

Hehe...the self expressive tattoo-er.
Bb hasn't got this habit yet to tattoo himself. kekekeke...must be hard to remove hor the pen ink?

blurblur said...

Haha..Same same, Damien likes to draw on his hands and legs as well, even on his pillow cases too! Can't stand these 'artists' sometime huh..:P

mIcHe said...

draw on body, ok...easy to clean it off. my kiki will draw on the wall! and she will go "round, round, round" and scribble all over the wall!

Potential Mom said...

yeeee.....dirty cat...!! fast fast go wash wash...but i noe is very hard to wash off the tattoo wor... how u deal with it ar??

Blogie-Talkie said...

cute ah, all kids just love to paint, once they find a spot, here goes the drawing...

jazzmint said...

hehe..body tattoo, an art for them..but we see it as a harm huh. I guess it's more convenient to write on their body cause u can control it, on paper the paper move mah hehehe...

my girl did that also, worse is she chewed the pencil lead off!!!

kwloong said...

Aiks, how come mummy did supply paper?? She have to write on her body. At least she learn to tattoo. :lol:


Jesslyn said...

Jefferene: girl not write on sofa but on the bedsheet, sigh..but lucky is only their mattress!

u mean they prefer colorful body?

we had warned them not to write on wall, but last few weeks only I noticed my room's wall has their signature! *sigh*

contented mum:
i bet all the kids are like that gua!

If she got, sure i fainted liao!

Let me do first, then only she can follow! Else, no way!

Bb never did that? he so kuai hor!
Use baby oil can remove it easily!

yaya, my girls did draw on pillow too! This one really hard to remove lor!

then u have to specify to her only can draw on certain place, say room wall, but not other place!
My hubby even suggest to clear one room, just for them to play and draw on the wall!

easy la, use baby oil lor...
the dirty stain ler, i use used teeth brush to brush her, she feel geli & keep giggling!

I guess they must be thinking: ee, how come this stick can write one ler??

Pencil lead is harmful, Lyon ever did that too! So hv to becareful if they use pencil!

if not give her paper, sure she is going to write on her face lor!

Princess Yoyo & family said...

lol,your girl will be a future artist ^^

shiaulin said...

she will try body 'painting' soon.

Jesslyn said...

princess yoyo:
三岁定八岁?still too early to tell ler!

body painting quite tough for her now, write on leg & hand is easier!