Thursday, April 20, 2006


Wien has a Ponyball, she has it from SIL when she is nearly 2. She love to play with it, jumping with it from front to back, back to front! We have to give way, else sure kena bang by the pony! Sometimes when see her so happy playing with it, make want to join too! Too bad, I am too old to play it now! Being kids so good, happy go lucky, can play and eat non stop, no worry at all; sleep when tire, wake up then play again! Arghhhh, I miss my childhood! When she is 2, not master the ball yet, so she only sit and walk with it. When she is 3, she can jump even with her feet off the floor! Have not got the chance to snap photo for Lyon with Ponyball yet. Of couse she couldn't jump with it, she need mummy to hold her, then jump with it! Wow....very tired for mummy! I only can accmpany her for short while, else I'll have backache the next day!


Ricket said...

Looks fun... makes me miss my childhood too.

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. looks like fun!!
Where did your SIL get it??

Wien younger looks like Lyon also.

jazzmint said...

hehe...i also have that at home, hubby buy say give me do exercise, apalah!!! but doesn't have the head lehh, oni the 2 horns hehe...urs look cuter

mom2ashley said...

i never had that when i was a kid??!!...looks like a lot of fun...and will wear out the kids too!

khongfamily said...

Wow..that looks real fun! Maybe I'll get it for myself...hehee!

shoppingmum said...

Better tell us where to buy that, it's really cute! I think all kids will like it.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Brayden has one, but now "pongget" already.

Egghead said...

looks really fun! first time seeing this leh!

magictree said...

Hi, Where did you get that and how much? Can a 6 year old still play with it? Looks like a lot of fun.

kwloong said...

I have something similar, but no pony head in front, just a bouncing ball. One time my hubby blow it so tight, that Tim always fall over while playing.


Tracy said...

The ponyball's is cute. Eee, haven't seen the ponyball before, like Michelle mentioned, only a bouncing ball. The ponyball with the pony head is safer where the kid can hold on the ears.

Where did ur SIL get dat? Aiya, I don't think I need one cos I'm staying in an apartment. If I have one of those for dat super duper active girl of mine, I'm sure I'll be too busy 'entertaining' the aunties and uncles from the floors below us.

Jesslyn said...

Origin of Ponyball
SIL is a school teacher, her school bought few of these fun ball, so she ordered one for my girl too via the saleman who approach them! Guess is around RM50-60!

join the fun with your girls!

I still found they look different ler!

I bet yours is gym ball or aerobic ball, for exercise use one.:P

yup, jump few round already can make her sweat a lot!

I doubt got bigger size wan

ya lor, every kids like it! But need few practise only can master the jumping skill!

Perhaps it's more cheaper in Canada?

now i share with you lor!

6 yr old of course can la! SIL's girl already 10 ( weight 40kg) still can play with it ler!

yours same with jazzmint?

yaya, jumping in apartment, sure kena scold by jiran wan!
Come to Melaka again lar, let's play with Wien again!

AsleyLee said...

Higher...and even higher! SO shiok..

Emmm...i saw this ponyball before in M'sia, don't know where already, maybe in Toys 'R' Us or in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Allyfeel said...

Whao, that's a nice bounce she had on the Pony Ball. I thinkk my son will love it.