Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ma Ma's Birthday (嬷嬷)

15/04/06 is my MIL's birthday, no grand celebration, just small family gathering with some simple dish, of course not forget the cake! Before this I teach Wien DIY 3D card for her Ma Ma. This is the first time I teach her do crafting, before this is my SIL#3 taught her. Well, she enjoy doing it! I do all the cutting as Wien will cut out of shape for those images. She only do the gluing on the card. This card quite simple to do, believe some of you ever did it in your school time! While half way doing it, she keep go & tell Ma Ma that she is making card for her; wanna surprise her also cannot..*sigh* Lyon busy body too, she refuse to be with papa, wanna join us instead! So I get her sit in her high chair, give her scissor and paper, at least can keep her occupied! Dun worry she is holding a scissor with her, as I keep monitoring on her through out the session! After the card is ready, I ask her to write down her name as well as Lyon's name. Later I only found out she wrote as 小妹(xiao mei) instead of Lyon's name. Hehehe...maybe this is easier for her! Wien arrange the candles, seem like she is having the birthday. Ma Ma want to take photo with her with the card, but her eyes keep eying on the cake. She seem like can't wait to light up the candle & blow it! Lyon' s hands keeps wanna touch the cake while SIL do the cake cutting.


Egghead said...

my son cuts the birthday cake for all the parties we have in our family as well! :)

mom2ashley said...

pretty cool that they made a DIY card for mama...

Tracy said...

Wah, the self-made card was real sweet. Could see MaMa grinning so happily from side to side.

Destinee will oso be the kpc one to be in front of the cake (beside the birthday person). She'll make sure she'll get the chance to blow the candles too.

Zara's Mama said...

such a nice thought from you and the girls to be giving mama a home made card.

Eh.. can see some resemblance of mama's face on Wien.. so Wien really looks more like your huby. :P

jazzmint said...

i'm sure ur MIL feels very touch with the selfmade card :). the cake also very nice leh...slurp slurp..

haha both ur girls oso eyeing on the cake, must be cake lovers :)

shiaulin said...

15/4?! my late father's bday on 16 Apr!

Happy Belated to ur MIL. Wien so good girl huh!

Jesslyn said...

ya lor, bet all the kids are like that gua!

the card turn out not so nice but she really make it with her sincere heart!

Destinee same geng with Wien! hehe

Hubby & his 3 sisters all look alike their mum! Too bad my girls do not inherit the double eye lid! :(

u also eyeing on the cake lar! They eyed it becos they wanna blow the candle!

Thank you. Next birthday person is Wien!

Allyfeel said...

What a nice card. Ma ma sure feel very sweet in the heart one.

maverick said...

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