Friday, April 21, 2006

Their Name...

Yes, today I want to blog on my girls' name. Let me start with their English name first. Many of my friends and bloggers had been asking why my girls' English name so funny unique, never heard before. Well , if you don't know Europe places'a name, then you will never know. Their name was named by hubby after his business trip to Vienna, Germany & France. Wien is the city of Vienna, Lyon is city name for France. Hubby like this 2 places very much as he found they are so nice and beautiful, and at that time, I was pregnant with the girls (year 2002 & 2004 respectively ), so he want to use it as their name. Although I strongly disagree at first, but he said he want to give them a meaningful name instead of those common name, on top of that they'll know where are those places. So I give in. Then he teased me: Do you know your name's meaning? Yes, I never know my name meaning..just simply taruh *sigh* I ever told hubby what if people laugh at them for having such funny uncommon name? He said never mind, as long as the girls and we know the meaning will do. Dun bother other's thinking or commet! But most of the time I have to do the explaination to my local friends (yes, Malaysian only), as they never heard of it before. I have no problem with oversea friends though. They even praise us for being so thoughtful, name after the beautiful city name. Between 2002-2004, hubby did lot of travelling to Europe, and he love Europe since then. Lucky at that time he never travel to China or Indonesia, else my girls will have more funny name then! hahaha....
为什麽我们的女儿会类似男儿名呢?原因无他。。。。皆因他们的老爸希望他的子女拥有有意义的名字!他又不喜欢阿连阿花普通的名字, 说没创意也没意义; 所以我取得名字全都打进冷宫。。。好,既然我取得名字不好听,那这任务就交给他啰!让他伤脑筋吧! 他想了好久好久,接近预产期了还没决定大女儿的名字。结果有一个晚上, 在床上他说:"我希望我的女儿将来会是个懂得冷的思考, 在冷的情况下善用她的思。" 然后他就叫我从中找出适合的字眼。糟啦,还不是把烦恼滚回来给我!!哼!
至于小女儿为什麽取成呢?也是她老爸取得! 原因是:希望将来的她也像姐姐一样,懂得冷的思考,在冷的情况下善用她的思维, 做个出的女强人!
我曾经反对这个字,太男性化了, 但若我取代洁或婕,那就失去它的意义了!


Jason said...

Ha! I know Lyon only because got a football team from that country also. :P

Name, to me, is just a name, nothing meaningful. Bah, I hate my chinese name actually.

Egghead said...

their names very unique ah! love them!
chinese name also very meaningful :)

Tracy said...

Actually ur daughters have very nice names - Wien and Lyon but Lyon's name in English and Chinese more to the boy's name.

Very meaningful Chinese names and no choice lor since their 'lau pa' chose and love the names so much hor?

jazzmint said...

hehe..Lyon I heard before, cause got football team fr there :P. Wien first time, but it's unique mah..that's the point rite, can't find similar one hehe..

dunno how to read the chinese part :P

I'm still having problem to get a boy name, HELPPPP!!!

magictree said...

Indeed I think their names are unique but always thought it was meant for boys. Eerr..chinese I can't read. It is good that their names are unique, quite nice actually, otherwise you'll find every corner someone has the same name as your children. That was my biggest mistake naming no1.

khongfamily said...

Your girls' names are definitely unique. Don't know how to pronounce them though.

Zara's Mama said...

One night my hubby was looking at what I was doing and when he saw me reading your blog, he immediately said, "Lyon and Wien, 2 cities in Europe".. :P

So this is supposed to be their 'Christian names?".. So they are Wien Mok Qing Wei or just Wien Mok?

AsleyLee said...

Oh, i heard your explaination in BBS last time.

Both your gals's names are beautiful and distinct. I think you put a lot of efforts when naming those names.

kwloong said...

Well at least when they grow up, either will learn the city of Vienna and France. Cool names!!

Fortunately your hubby did not go to Finland when u were pregnant. :lol:


Lazymama said...

Wow, your hubby so cool! Anyway I like their Chinese name very much!

Mu hubby ah, never can think of a nice name! What he want is "easy to pronouce" and "easy to write"! We even joke about to name her as " 一一"! (One one) :P

Potential Mom said...

haha.... like my brother, his name also very meaningful... the name is mummy give 1...

庭杰 -- 家庭出豪杰

but mine?? heheh... just a plain name... but i like it alot.. according to daddy, he put 明明 cos mummy like double word, and he say hope i can be 聪明伶俐 明辨是非 明亮

alot ppl say this name more to boy's name when come to single word... but i just love my name...

mana ada macam jason dun like his name.. we shud thanks our parent give name to us..if not we will call as "annoymous"... hahaha..

Blogie-Talkie said...


Allyfeel said...

Such a meaningful name they have. :)

Naming is not easy huh? My mom wants me to be gentle and smile a lot and a decent girl , that's how I got my Chinese name.

domesticgoddess said...

Wien and Lyon are lovely names... i'd rather have unique name than having a common name :P

blurblur said...

Wow, very unique names indeed...they'll grow up to be unique individual as well..:)

And their chinese names very meaningful too..:)

1+2mom said...

I like your children name, very unique and other ppl dun have. It very meaningful too, very good your hubby help you find those beautiful name. For us, my hubby just say ok or not from those many i had gave to him.

Loc Kee said...

wow, such a Lomantik idea! Frankly when i first visit your blog, i really tot they are Boys :p

laki i no have such idea of name my kids afrter a town, or else they would called Kowloon or Bangkok.. hehe

Jesslyn said...

wonder what is your chinese name ler!


not only u, many had said that too!

u football fans too?
Get Mr Hon to think of your boy's name since he reject your choice!

biggest mistake for naming no1? dun feel like that..believe u also have hard time when naming him rite?

me too at first! Hubby pronouce to me only i knew..hehehe..

Wien Mok JW & Lyon Mok JJ!

ya, very headache at that time!

why not Finland hah? catch no ball ler!

i love double word name too! but " 一一" seem too simple hor! your hubby so fun hor!

明明 is nice too, not like boy name lar!

I bet your name must be very "si man"(斯文)lol

many parent nowadays prefer unique name, some even cannot find in dictionary ler!

I noticed your kids name either eng & chinese name are quite same pronouncesation wor! not bad wor!

wah , u always go Kowloon & Bangkok those places hah? lol