Thursday, April 27, 2006

She is 4!!

Today is Wien's 4th birthday. Original plan is to have small party tonight, but I change my mind few days ago. We postpone it to coming weekend, if do it today, that's mean MIL has to do most of the cooking preparation, then I will feel guilty. At least in weekend, I can do it with hubby's help. When she wake up this morning, she look for her present. I told her today no wor, have to wait another 2 days. She seem like quite disappointed, keep asking why "jingle bell" (her version of Santa Clause) did not come last night. Usually we will place her present near her bed at night, to surprise her! How she knew today is her birthday? Well, we get her to tear off the daily calendar everyday at night (those big chinese type calendar), then tell us what is tomorrow date and day. She learn numbering from there too! So we told her when she see the calendar show 27, that's mean is her big day tomorrow. Therefore she knew her birthday since last night, so keep thinking will get present once she wake up! hehehe..pity her! I had made her a card only, she saw it once she stepped out from bedroom. Her expression not as happy as when she got a DIY card from Autie Michelle few days ago ler...becos Auntie Michelle one more prettier and more cute than mine lar....will post both cards later... In fact, both hubby and I not plan to buy her anything, as she has so many toys and playing stuff in the house now, I have problem in keeping them too! But this morning saw her disappointed face, I feel guity and sorry. Today lunch break, must shop something for her!


Jason said...

Happy birthday!!

Egghead said...

haiyoh... where got children don't expect gifts on their birthday one??? you truly guilty!! LOL!

cepat cepat go get something for her!!

BTW... Happy Birthday to Wien!! Big Girl liao! know how to show attitude liao... LOL!

Tracy said...

WHAT!? Birthday got no birthday presents? What a BIG disappointment for Wien! Faster, faster, buy something for her. I'm sure a little something wrap in present for her to unwrap will make her day.


Lots of kisses and hugs from Auntie Tracy and Destinee mei mei.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Happy Birthday to WEIN...
I told my son, when it is his birthday, I should get a present,, he should get his pocket money to get me a present, mommy suffer many hour of labour pain and then many months of sleepless nights, so , I should get a present...
Hahaha,, but he end up with a present from us.

blurblur said...

Happy Birthday, Wein! And Happy labour day, Jesslyn!

I think both of you deserve presents on this day lah...quick quick, get your hubby to buy one for you..hahaha..;p

angelineweess said...

Happy Birthday, Wein! Big girl liaw a good girl k?

kwloong said...

Happy Birthday Wien!! Glad you like the card.

Jess, I send you instruction how to do the beads fairy. Very easy one.


Potential Mom said...

erm... i think my post dedicated to u...!! ehhee... xin ku ler...

erm...since she so dissapointed..!! i think i must make her happy lar..!!

hey, send me ur house adress again...1! hehehe...surprise for her... let her happy...

mumsgather said...

Happy Belated birthday to Wien. Did you get her a present eventually?

AsleyLee said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Wien!
Learnt numbers through calendar, wow, such a good ideas for me..

Jesslyn said...

thank you!

egghead: fact why should we buy hah? it's my 母难日too! she should buy me in return! truely agreed with blurblur & BT!

yalar yalar..bought yesterday lor!

totally agreed your point! Next time shall teach her to buy me present!

ya hor, we should get the gift by return instead of kid only!

thank you, where is your blog link?

your card is nicer than mine lar..quick quick send me the instruction..but hope i can understand the steps! :P

ok, email u later...


ya, the calendar number so big, sure he can pick up too!

Allyfeel said...

Happy Birthday Wien! Poor girl no present. mommy..quick go grab one for her.

I thought Chinese celebrate their birthday earlier or on same day, never to postpone one.

Twinsmom said...

OH... Happy Birthday. emm? where is the cake?
eh, my girls still few more months to 4.

Jesslyn said...

got la, mummy feel guilty, yesterday lunch hr grab one for her liao :P
We modern chinese la..

this sat only buy cake for her...belated

1+2mom said...

Next week will be my son turn..hehe..Happy belated Birthday to Wien!!! I will have a small party at his school, celebrate together with his friends :)