Thursday, April 13, 2006

KPC de Wien

My big girl, Wien Mok, very kpc nowsaday. She can talk non stop and ask non stop! Sometimes I have to ask her shut her mouth, or even use my hand to cover her mouth, in order for me to have some peace.... hahaha... Whenever we do something or make something, sure she will come and ka ka cau cau! But funny conversation did happen sometimes... One day I was doing something.....she come and disturb me... Wien : 妈咪,你在做什麽? 给我看.(Mummy, what are u doing? Let me see) Me : answer her... Wien : 妈咪, 来, 我帮你. (Mummy, come I help you. ) Me : 不必啦!(No need la! ) Wien : 必啦...(Need la! )...Her hand start kacau me... Me : 莫静维,为什麽你的手酱多?(Mok Jing Wei, why you have so many hands? her full name if I am geram with her!...)

Note : Meaning that her hands like octopos, keep rubbing here and there.

Wien : 没有啊!1,2,3,4....10!只有10个啊!(No ah, counting her fingers..1,2,3...10! 10 only ah) Me : ...speehless ... 又好气又好笑! Wien : 妈咪,我只有10个手指啊!没有多啊!(Mummy, I only have 10 fingers ah, no extra ah!) Me : 好啦好啦,不要动妈咪的东西。(okok, dun touch mummy's things!)


Sometimes when I talk to hubby or MIL, she like to interrupt too. One day I was talking to hubby, she come to me with a book in her hand:

Wien : 妈咪, 讲故事给我听!(Mummy, tell me story!)

Me : 等一下,让妈咪跟爸爸讲先。(wait, let me talk to papa first.)..then me continue talking to papa.... Wien : 妈咪, 妈咪, 为什麽。。bla bla bla... (mummy, mummy, why bla bla bla.)...she start asking her Q & A while I still talking to papa... Me : 安静啦!为什麽你的嘴巴酱多?(keep quiet la! Why you have so many mouth?)

Note : Meaning that she is very talkative.

Wien : 没有啊!我只有一个嘴巴罢了!(no ah, I only have one mouth!) finger point to her mouth and show me... Me : ...speechless...

有时真的是又好气又好笑!Sometimes she really make me feel funny and angry with her!


khongfamily said...

Yahhh...sometimes they really funny. Can't wait till my boy talks! :)

Potential Mom said...

wahahhahahah....last time i also said this to mummy...correct also lar.... hehe...i got 10 fingers only mah..1 mouth only mah...wahahhah......

kwloong said...

Later she doesn't tell you any boyfriends' secrets when she grow up, then you want her to talk more.

Donno whether you once had this worry, when will my Wien learn how to speak? Hahahaha...


Zara's Mama said...

She's cute ler..
Wah.. next time Lyon also like that.. your house will have lots of burung murai.. chi-chi cha-cha.. :P

Tracy said...

Hahaha, Jess, *Hi Five*. Seems we are having the same problems with our 4-year-old kid. Destinee can 'cakap cakap' non stop until sometimes I've to pretend to cry and 'beg' her to stop (boo hoo hoo).

U still have Lyon who'll be talking soon. *slap head* Hahahahaha.

But sometimes when kids talk interestingly, don't know whether to laugh or to be angry with her. Kids are still kids.

shiaulin said...

not only girls very chi-cha lah, my Xuan already started to talk non stop loh! especially when i talking to hubby, he like to interrupt wan. *shake head*

jazzmint said...

hehe..pat poh jai :P. Has she started going to kindy? I'm sure she will talk n talk whole day with her friends if she has.

Hey, but it's always better for them to at least talk then to be shy rite :)

Like that photo of hers hahaha

Twinsmom said...

LOL... 一直被揸到,妈咪魔法要更进一步了。

Jesslyn said...

Welcome! Welcome!
When your boy start talking, bet u will be same as me too!

u as notti as my girl hor!

I never worry wor as she can speak pretty fast, like Lyon now.

Yup, I forsee Lyon will be another murai too, as her upper lip so sharp (like wien lor). 尖嘴巴,好厉害讲话的!

we ever use plaster to seal her mouth, but she seem like very excited over it! "kek si "

Good lor, at least you will not feel bored at home! Xuan can entertain you with his funny talk!

hopefully she still will tell me her school life when she enter school!


AsleyLee said...

Funny girl,know how to debate with mummy! Jo also like to talk this and that recently, sometimes i feel "fan" too...

mom2ashley said...

they're just so innocent...

mIcHe said...

ur girl so funny and this stage they want ur 100% attention...that's why they kacau u until u give them some attention. enjoy. :)

Princess Yoyo & family said...

hey, your girl's chinese name very pretty hor!! i like her name. She is very cheeky, isn't she?! but never mind lah, so cute mahhhh....

Jesslyn said...

dun say Jo "fan" la, at least he can chit chat with u mah!

u must be cant wait for ashley to talk ler!

aiyo, so big already still want 100% attention kah?

Name by hubby, Lyon's name too!

1+2mom said...

She just tell the true mar. Children are so cute, sometime they make alots of fun to us :)

Allyfeel said...

hehe.....she is so cute la. Can't be so angry with her, smart also. :)

I now started to ask bb to "zip" his mouth when he yak too much. Moving my 1st and 2nd finger across the mouth and zip it. He followed but after a while talk non stop again.